Australian Floods

Queensland Floods 2011-2012


Between 1852 and 2011, at least 951 people were killed by floods, another 1326 were injured, and the cost of damage reached an estimated $4.76 billion dollars.

Floods can devastate local communities, but they also impact the entire economy - examples include the flood levy imposed in taxes following the south-east Queensland floods in 2010/2011, and also inflated banana prices after the same floods destroyed 75 per cent of the crop.

Rescue and recovery

540 personell from 3 service engaged in responding to the floods

7 Navy helicopters included

and 33 Army personnell and helicopters

Steps to reduce further risks

  • Flood risk is harder to manage in existing developed areas,
  • However modifications such as DAMS or LEVEES can change the behavious of flood waters
  • Property modification measures can protect against harm caused by floods to indiviudal buildings

Technology used to help mointor future risks and events

GFMS, which is a experimental system monitoring multi satellite precipitations analysis.