The Odyssey

The Elements of an epic and the Hero's Journey

Elements of an epic.

1. The plot is made around a hero of unbelievable staure.
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1 Example/1 Explanation.

1 Odysseus is the hero of the Trojan war. He was the mastermind of the Trojan Horse Idea.

1. The Odyssey is centered around Odysseus journey home after the Greeks historic victory in the Trojan War.

Elements of an Epic

2. The second element of an epic involves deeds of superhuman strength and valor from the hero.
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2 example/explain

2. Odysseus is the only person able to string his bow and he kills all the suitors for courting his wife while he was still alive.

2 Odysseus is in favor of the gods and they gave the the strength needed to get Penelopy back.

Elements of an Epic

3. The third element involves the vast setting that is depicted in the epic.
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3 example/explain

3. In the Odyssey, Odysseus visits the Island of the lotus eaters, the island of cyclopes and calypso's island. He also past the sirens and charybdis and scylla.

3 In Homers the Odyssey he describes the 10 year journey home of odysseus after the Trojan war. Odyssyouses journey covered nations, the world and maybe the universe.

Elements of an Epic

4. The forth element deals with supernatural or other worldly forces.

4 example/explain

4. Athena changed odysseus into a beggar so he would be able to gain access into his house.

4. Athena was on the side of odysseus and helped him in many ways so he could return home to his son and Penelope.

Elements of an Epic

5. The fifth element of an Epic is where the style is sustained in the language and tone of the story.
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5. example/explain

5. There is an example of this in the conversation between Athena and Zeus. Even though the conversation involves petty matters it still contains a high tone and a depth of detail.

5. Homer uses the tone and details to add depth to his story.

Elements of an Epic

6. The sixth element involves the poet(Homer) being objective and omniscent and knowing and seeing all perspectives.

6. example/explain

6. In the Odyssey Homer tells the story from Odysseus's point of view but also provides portions of the story for Penelope's thoughts and how she sees things happening.

6. By adding points of views from both Penelope and Odysseus, Homer provides a way for us to see the true love between them and the immense effort Odysseus gave to get back to Penelope. Also the strength Penelope had to remain loyal to Odysseus.

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