Asian Tour of China, Japan, Malaysia, and North Korea

Welcome to our tour, the first place that you will be touring is China!

Language: Standard Mandarin

Currency: Renminbi

Needed travel documents: You need a visa and a passport

Local customs: Chinese art is influenced by the rich spiritual and mystical history. China's largets festival is called the Spring Festival. The major food source is rice and there are 7 major groups of dialect of Chinese language.

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The next place you will be visiting is North Korea! The plane ticket from China to North Korea is $99.91/121 CA.

Language: Korean

Currency: Won

Local customs: Hardwired radios, stalls, the people, costumes, photos

Travel documents: Make a big wooden donkey and you"ll pass the government.

The next place is Malaysia! The flight ticket from North Korea to Malaysia is 33,260 INR, which in U.S. Dollars is $519.24.

Currency: Malaysian ringget (3.61 Malaysian ringgit= $1.00 dollar)

Language: Malaysia

Travel documents: Visas are needed to stay! Passports need to be valid for at least 6 months, before your trip begins. Your passport will need to have Several blank pages for entry stamps. U.S citizens need to have a 90 day passport so they can stay.

Local documents: For women wearing skirts and shorts are fine unless you are going to a temple or religious area. Most of the Malaysian population religion is Muslim. So people always make sure that they try to respect the Muslim religion, because you can go to jail for not following orders.

Lastly we will be going to the wonderful Japan! The plane ticket from Malaysia to Japan is 29,755 INR/ $464.396.

Language: Japanese

Currency: Yen

Travel documents: U.S. Passport

Local customs: Being direct, efficient, and succint is frowned upon in Japan. Don't show any signs of aggression or anger. Most Japanese do not use first names but last names instead.

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