The Holocaust

Christine Claybon Academic 1

Just imagine you were in this horrible period of time. Were there are millions of Jews getting murdered every second,minute,hour, and even day.The killing of people by Germany Nazis during World War II is reffered to as the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed and/or murdered. Before the war there were 9.5 million Jews living in Europe. The Holocaust was a very deadly period when the mass murder of 6 million Jews were killed or murdered took place.

By 1939, The Nazis began the systematic killing of instutionalized indivulas with mental and physical disabitats as part of what they termed a "euthasis program". Nazis killed Jews individuals. They killed or murdered them one by one or in a small group.They use gas chambers and crematoria to also kill jews. When the Nazis started killing Jews individuals they called this the "euthansis program". An example is the Nazis sent the Jews into slave labor or killed. The Nazis tried everything they could to get rid of the Jews. As it seemed to work.

Hitler had wanted to expel the Jews from the German empire he was creating. Starting in 1941, he sought instaed to exterminate or get rid of the Jews. Why does Hitler a leader and dictator do this to the Jews? Adolf Hitler's persecution of Jews began as soon as the Nazis came to power in 1933. With the outbreak of the war in 1939 increasing numbers of Jews were killed immediatly upon arrival at the concentration camps or forced into hard labor under such harsh conditions that they did not survive.