organisms and envorment tek 6b

by: Abby and Anuj

how are eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells different and the same?

eukaryotes have a nucleus and prokaryotes cells have a flagella. eukaryotic cells are bigger, while prokaryotic cells are smaller. they are both cells that make up living things.

witch structure best classifies an organism as a prokaryote and eukaryote?

the thing that best represents it is the nucleus because only eukaryotic cell have it. also the eukaryotic cell is more complex , and it have more organelles and parts than a prokaryotic cell

examples of organism that are eukaryotic and prokaryotic

eukaryotic cell ex: humans , animals and plants

prokaryotic cell ex: bacteria

where is the DNA stored in a prokaryotic cell eukaryotic cell

prokaryotic cells DNA is stored in the flagella. eukaryotic cells are stored in the nucleus .


Organelles are only found in eukaryotic cells and are not in prokaryotic cells. The nucleus and chloroplast are examples of organelles.