Special Edition

December 1, 2014

Center Directors, share with staff!

Winter is Here!

Now that it has officially become cold there are some things you need to remember about the centers. Please ensure that the thermostat in your facility is set to "Heat", it is to remain on this setting and not be switched between heat and cool. The thermostat setting also needs to remain at 70 degrees, this is to not change for any reason.

Any questions or concerns need to be addressed with Robin.

Toothbrush Sanitizers

On and off we have had some problems with the toothbrush sanitizers not wanting to work. One culprit may be classrooms that are unplugging the sanitizers. These need to remain plugged in at all times, they kick on and off throughout the day when the door is not being open, as a result of being unplugged, it may be resetting itself each time.

Please leave the toothbrush sanitizers plugged in, if you have an issue regarding an adequate amount of plug-ins, please contact Julian.

Accident Reports

Just a reminder that accident reports need to be filled out completely. This includes documenting when you contacted the parent/guardian regarding the accident.

Also, accident reports need to be completed any time a child has an accident, particularly if it's behavior related.