Coverings and Surroundings

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What was this unit about?

This unit we learned Perimeter Area of a square and rectangle Area of triangles Area of parallelogram and Surface of Area and Volume.

What is Perimeter?

The distance around a two-dimensional shape. Perimeter is measured in units.
  • Perimeter: units

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What is area?

  • Area is the amount of space inside the boundary.

  • Area is measured in square units.

  • Area of Rectangle or Square = Length x Width

  • Area of Triangle = Base x Height / 2

  • Area of Parallelogram = Base x Height

What is Surface Area?

  • Surface Area is a three-dimensional shape is a solid shape that has height and depth.

  • Surface Area is measured 2(LxW)+2(LxW)+2(LxW)

  • Surface Area of Rectangular Prism Length x Width x height

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How to find the surface area of a rectangular prism

What is Volume?

  • Volume is a space occupied by an object measured in three dimensions

  • Volume is measured = length x width x height

  • Volume of Rectangular Prism = length x width x height

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