Cape Cod Tech January e-Newsletter

January 10, 2022

Tuesday, January 11th will be frigid

Parents, guardians, and students,

Please make sure students have dressed appropriately for the weather on Tuesday, January 11th. The am bus stop temperatures could feel below zero in some parts of the district.

Students should be prepared for the outdoor elements. Please make sure that students have gloves and are dressed for the frigid temps.

Thank you,

Mr. Terranova

Week Two....

Last week wae saw a big dip in attendance from the CCT community. That was unfortunately a norm across the Commonwealth. Please keep following the protocols/recommendation listed below to ensure a lower contagion spread in our communities.


At this time, like most of Massachusetts, we are experiencing an uptick in COVID positive cases. We need your help to ensure the safety of our community. The goal is not only to keep the community safe but also to keep our school open. Please be sure to follow the guidelines listed below. These precautions may limit contagion throughout the building.

  1. You student must wear a mask while in the building. This is a state mandate. (Please click here to view: ) If students repeatedly refuse to follow school rules, they will be disciplined for insubordination.
  2. If your child is not feeling well, do not send them to school. Click here for a wellness check guide for your convenience: If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Wahtola School Nurse at 508-432-4500 ext 2187.
  3. If your child contracts or tests positive for COVID please contact Mrs. Wahtola School Nurse at 508-432-4500 ext 2187. We understand some families will call the attendance line, but Mrs. Wahtola will be able to support you and your child quicker if reached directly.
  4. Below are links to the locations and contacts for some local testing sites for your convenience. As always, your student's pediatrician or primary care physician should also be contacted. Click Here:
  5. Are you or your student thinking about getting vaccinated? If so here is a link to available sites:

Keep in touch with all the events this month and year by reading the monthly newsletter; especially since I can not fit all the information in my phone calls.

I want to remind parents that we have an early dismissal at 12:35 on Monday, January 10th as well as 1:35 dismissal on Wednesday, January 19th. These are scheduled Professional Development Days for teachers.

Parents, we use SchoolBrains for our Student Record keeping. This system allows parents to review up to date grading, attendance and other information that will help you support your student. If you do not have access, please contact us at

I have included a calendar for you so that you can prepare for upcoming events and evenings, just click the link below.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: or at (508)432-4500 ext 2000.

Thank you,

William Terranova, Principal

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, January 17th

This month we honor Martin Luther King Jr.. On Monday, January 17th school is closed as we observe his birthday. (The actual date of his birth is Jan. 15th.) As we remember and honor his legacy, we should recall his teachings as they may help guide us in this new year. For 2022, I would like to share an MLK Jr quote that can help all of us remember we must work together as a community:

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?

As we move forward as a community and as a nation, I hope that 2022 can be about togetherness.. As King warned us, "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

Winter Is Coming...

In case of inclement weather this winter that may lead to a delay or closure, you will receive a phone call by the Superintendent when a decision is made. You can also check our website, Facebook, Twitter, text message, app and local tv or radio stations for updates as well.
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January Calendar

  • January 10: 12:35 Student Dismissal
  • January 13: Tenth Grade Parent Night- Virtual Event See below
  • January 14: Tri 2 Midterm Gray
  • January 17: Martin Luther King Day Observed -No School
  • January 18: Parent Council
  • January 19: 1:35 Student Dismissal
  • January 28: Senior Pictures Due See Below
  • January 28: Tri 2 Midterm Maroon

Year 2022 Raise in Minimum Wage

Attention students: As of January 1, 2022 the minimum wage will increase to $14.25 an hour. If you are working, please make sure that you are receiving your state-mandated increase.

For more information click here:


Dear Cape Cod Tech Parent or Guardian:

As we shared earlier in the year Cape Cod Tech has partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital to offer the iDECIDE program. Below you will find a letter from MGH explaining the program further.

Our team of clinicians and scientists from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School are partnering with schools across Massachusetts to evaluate the effectiveness of a new substance use diversion and education program called iDECIDE (Drug Education Curriculum: Intervention, Diversion, and Empowerment) that will be implemented at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School as well as nearly 100 schools across the entire state of Massachusetts. We can’t accomplish this mission without the help of you and your child!

Why is the evaluation of iDECIDE so important? In recent years, substance use at school has increased due to the widespread availability of devices that make it easy to conceal substances from peers, parents, and school staff. Students who use substances at school or school sanctioned events are both violating school substance use policies and at a heightened risk for negative health effects. Cape Cod Regional Technical High School has committed to launching an exciting new program (iDECIDE) that was developed in collaboration between MGH, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the Institute for Health and Recovery. iDECIDE aims to provide students experimenting with substances and/or who got caught using substances at school the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to make healthier decisions.

When a new program like iDECIDE is launched in schools, it is important to monitor effectiveness and compare outcomes during times when schools do not have the program to times when the program is fully launched. This information is critical in making improvements to the program in order to best support students and the overarching school community. Before and after staff at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School implement the program, our team at MGH will be working to evaluate changes in student outcomes as well as the effectiveness of iDECIDE itself. We are interested in how iDECIDE impacts attitudes of school staff, the prevalence of substance use across the school, as well as the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors of individual students. The information your child provides will be invaluable in helping our team develop a more effective response to substance use infractions to help students and families. Previous program participants have found these types of studies to be an informative, interesting, and rewarding experience that provides unique insight into real applications of science and their own behaviors.

What does our evaluation program involve? Our program includes individual referrals to the MGH evaluation team. We will explain this in more detail below:

Individual Referral to MGH Research Team:

  • Students will be referred to the MGH study staff by a school staff member if they received a substance use-related infraction at school or a school-sanctioned event.

  • All information that the MGH evaluation team receives will be kept secure and confidential.

  • The referral does NOT mean that your child will be enrolled in a study. In order to enroll, the MGH team will reach out to explain the study, answer any questions, and obtain written parental consent (if under 18) and written student assent/consent (if age 18 or older). Regardless of whether you or your child provides consent for the MGH evaluation program, Cape Cod Regional Technical High School is free to use iDECIDE or any other disciplinary response they have available and deem best.

  • In the unlikely event that your child meets criteria to be referred to the MGH team (e.g., has a substance use-related infraction at school or a school-sanctioned event) and you do NOT want your child to be referred to the MGH research team, you must fill out this survey [] by January 17, 2022 There will be no penalty or consequence to you or your child for opting out of the referral process. If the study staff does not hear from you by January 17, 2022, it will be assumed that you consent to your child being referred to the MGH study staff if determined appropriate by school staff.

What about privacy and confidentiality? We ensure that all information provided to us remains confidential. All contact information will be stored on secure computers that only authorized MGH study staff will have access to. None of the information your child provides will be available to anyone, including school officials or personnel. If we have serious concerns for your child’s safety, we will meet with you to review our concerns and make referrals as clinically indicated.

How do I find out more information? If you would like to learn more about our program, please reach out to Dr. Randi Schuster at (617) 643-6673 or If you would like to opt-out your student from individual referrals, please fill out this survey: [] by January 17, 2022.

We look forward to partnering with you!


Randi M. Schuster, Ph.D. and the iDECIDE Evaluation Team

Center for Addiction Medicine

Psychiatry Department

Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Attendance Matters- Saturday School/ Make-Up Time

If your student has accumulated an excessive number of unexcused absences your student will have to begin to make up the learning time lost. There are several ways your student can make up for lost time. We hold Saturday school sessions once per month. The next Saturday school session will be IN FEBRUARY. Students that will be attending Saturday school should bring homework to do. Saturday school begins promptly at 9, check in at the main entrance with me at 8:45. Saturday school will release at 1pm.

Your student can also stop into Mr. Consalvi's office and pick up a pink time card and stay after school by making after-school appointments with shop and academic teachers. Your student can also stay for extra help sessions in English, Math and Science on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Make sure your student has their teachers sign off the number of hours on their pink timesheet and turn the timesheet into my office daily. Every 4 hours of make-up time is equal to one unexcused absence. For a definition of an unexcused absence please refer to the student handbook on the Cape Tech website. Thank you,

Mr. Consalvi

Assistant Principal

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Senior Photos Due

Senior pictures are due by January 28, 2021. Late pictures are defined as any picture turned in after 5:00 pm, January 28, 2021. For seniors who do not submit a yearbook photo, their Lifetouch picture will be included, if appropriate. Lifetouch will be holding student pictures on December 14th and 15th.

The goal of the Cape Cod Regional Tech Yearbook is to have the student’s face as the focus of the picture as well as to keep a similarity amongst the senior portraits. Therefore, we would appreciate your support of the following requirements for senior pictures to be included in the senior portrait section of the Yearbook.

Please submit one color .jpg file picture that follows each guideline listed:

  • the resolution must be 300 dpi (ppi) or greater
  • image size 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall
  • .jpg file photo must be uploaded through the following link:

Then enter school code 16981
And continue to site
Go to Send Images with ESHARE and click on “SHARE IMAGES”

Then follow directions to upload your photo

  • indoor or outdoor shots keep the background plain, the focus should be on the student not the background

  • no sepia or other coloring effects

  • crisp shot – no “fuzzy/out of focus” shots

  • head and shoulders shot preferred

  • street clothes - no costumes (which includes but not limited to) cap and gown or sport/band uniforms.

  • drapes are acceptable but the entire side of the shoulder- starting at the absolute top of the curve of the shoulder-should be covered as well as no exposed cleavage and not low cut (should not fall below underarm line in front and should not fall below top of shoulder blade in back)

  • suggested clothing: suit with tie, shirt with tie, turtleneck sweater, crewneck sweater or sleeved crewneck top, sleeved turtleneck sweater, sleeved crewneck sweater or sleeved crewneck top or a drape

  • no off-the-shoulder, “spaghetti” strap, tank, tube, low cut (falls below underarm line), one strap, backless, halter or see-through tops

  • poses that show the back of the subject - the back must be covered from top of shoulder blade down

  • no hats or other head coverings

  • modest makeup is allowed

  • no exposed tattoos

  • minimal jewelry and hair accessories are allowed but must not detract focus away from the face

  • no props and/or miscellaneous objects

  • no others included in shot

  • standing pose only – no leaning

  • no text and/or graphics on clothing and no stamped text on picture such as name or year of graduation.

  • student’s appearance must also meet CCT student dress code

  • no watermarks

Decisions for inclusion will be limited to the Yearbook Adviser, and Principal.

Students may choose any photography studio to have their pictures taken. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to make sure that the picture submitted meets all of our requirements in order to be included in the senior portrait section.

The Yearbook staff members and adviser are not responsible for any photo edits that may be needed on submitted pictures in order to meet stated rules for acceptance. The staff and adviser reserve the right to crop pictures for space and content.

Mr. Mark
Yearbook Advisor

Parent Council

Parent Council

Participate in your child's education!

Join Cape Cod Tech's Parent School Council and learn about school curriculum, activities, policies and procedures, review academic and shop programs and become an active part of this governing body. We are currently seeking parent representatives. All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend whether or not they are a representative.

Parent School Council Next Meeting:

  • Tuesday, January 18, 2022 @ 5:30pm