Dog strangling vine

The invasive species By: John zhou

How to identify the Dog strangling vine?

The plant grows to become massive, often wrapping itself around trees, and it seems to strangle some trees or plants, which is where the plant gets the name

The plant looks similar to a vine

Leaves are oval with a pointed tip

Pink and/or purple flowers grow from the plant

The buds of the flowers have a pointed apex

The plant has bean-shaped pods

Why is it detrimental to the community’s ecosystem?

It may kill or poison the animals that touch them, which affect the food chain. The vine does not let the trees get enough sunlight which prevent forest regeneration. In addition, The vines form a tough path for the people who interferes with forest management and recreational activities.

How to remove Dog strangling vine

There are many ways to remove this plant, which is digging, mowing, clipping, pulling, trapping, seed pod removal, chemical control and biological controls.

After you have collected the dead dog strangling vine you could put it in the yard waste. Then it will be taken to the trail road facility, as it will be treated with high temperature, then it will kill the invasive species

Effect of pesticde on Dog strangling vine

If the plant is being sprayed with Garlon® 4 or Roundup Pro®, after 1-2 weeks the plants will look sick. There may be dead tissue spots on most leaves many yellowing leaves
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The two photos above shows the methods to remove Dog strangling vine and when and where to use it

Why is the clean up important?

The clean up is important because Dog strangling vine is a toxic plant, if the gears and equipments isn't cleaned up after use, it might spread the toxic materials in to other organisms or the soil. If the dead Dog strangling vine wasn't cleaned up, the toxic might spread in to the soil too.