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Missing brains, what happened?

On December 3rd the University of Texas discovered that the brains on loan from the Austin State Hospital were missing. It is said to have been a hundred brains, they were being persevered in jars of formaldehyde. This is a scenario of what could have happened.

The basement door was locked and the security guard had just done the rounds around the lower floors. Everything is peaceful and quiet. There is a soft taping coming from the vents in the ceiling of the basement. The sound is consistent and grows steadily louder with the passing of every second. Slowly the latch of one of the vents slide open and what looks to be a pulley system is lowered to the floor. A head appears from the opening and begins to look around the room, as if surveying to ensure safety. Then suddenly they drag themselves from the ceiling to the floor, with a soft thumping sound. The person walks to the shelf full of brains and starts to put them on the pulley, two at a time. They start pulling the ropes and in the vents another pair of hands drags them inside. Slowly all one hundred of the brains are cleared from their home in the basement.

The person on the ground grabs hold of the pulley ropes and starts the climb to the vents, making as little sound as possible. The culprits of the crime have the brains spread out on a soft surface, so that they do not make a scraping sound within the vents. The operation will took around twenty minutes, all together.

OCS, what is going on?

In the 2014-2015 school year the OCS program has started events to sell products to the teachers for their curriculum, in Mrs. Bennett's room.

For the past twenty years the OCS, or Occupational Course of Study, program has been going on in Guilford County Schools. This program is for students how do not plan to go to a four year college, after graduation. These students start in their freshmen year and go on into their senior, in order for them to successfully complete the program they must create a successful business; so far the students have done a coffee shop, selling hot dogs, and selling chicken and waffles. Unfortunately, the products made in Mrs. Bennett's room, 216, are for the Andrews staff only, but they have given only good reviews according to Mrs. Bennett. Because the goal is to create a business there is money coming to the OCS program with every event and they use that money to buy supplies, continue their work with the class, and field trips; such as the Salvation Army, Natural Science Center, and the Universal Circus.

There are fourteen students involved in the events and four teachers; each is doing their part to ensure that this year is a success. We asked Mrs. Bennett we the group chose to do these particular events and she said, "we love to do something they gone remember doing." The group actually conducted a survey to discover what their consumers would want the most, the latest of which was chicken and waffles.

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Strange laws.

In most countries laws are created to keep the public safe. They are made so that a sense of order and peace can be maintained, but in some cases there are laws that many people would find strange, funny, or just plain crazy.

In the United Stats there are a lot of strange laws that someone may come across, but we will only be able to list a few:

  1. It is against the law to sing off-key in North Carolina.
  2. If you have mustaches, it is illegal for you to kiss a woman in Eureka, Nevada.
  3. In Washington you can be arrested or fined for harassing Bigfoot.
  4. In Alabama you cannot take a picture of a rabbit from January to April without a permit.
  5. Red cars cannot drive down Lake Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

These are no doubt some out of the ordinary laws that some states have put into place. All of the laws listed above are all still in effect, how crazy is that? Just think of all the law breakers that you would know if these were laws in your town, city, or state. In each one of these cities or states there has to be a reason for the laws that they put in place. So, had to have happened to make harassing Bigfoot a problem in Washington. The world is turely a wonderful place where some pretty strange things happen and even those need to be dealt with, no matter how ridiculous most people would consider them.

All articles written by D'Angela Henderson