The River Basin of Little Tennessee

River Basin located in North Carolina, By: Anthony DeFazio

Major Rivers and Lakes found in this Basin?

There are a total of 5 major rivers and lakes.

1. Cheoah- Located in Graham County, 20 miles in length

2. Fontana- the highest in the eastern United States as it being a lake.

3. Santeetlah- This is on the Cheoah river and is in development of it being a dam.

4. Nantahala- near the Great Smokey Mountain.

5. Glenville- formed by the damming of West Fork of the Tuckasegee river in 1941.

Any point of Interest of visiting the Little Tennessee Basin?

Here are 5 points of interest that would be a fun trip to experience!

1. The Great Smokey Mountains National Park

2. The Bartram Trail

3. Noland Creek Trail

4. Standing Indian Trails

5. Little Tennessee Green way

3 types animals found in this basin?

3 types of plants found in this basin?

3 Unique Facts about this Basin

1. The basin supports the richest aquatic lifes.

2. In the autumn tons of elks will populate nearby.

3. The river basin flows into the Gulf of Mexico following major rivers along with it.