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April 9, 2018

A Principal's Perspective

Changes happen in every profession. On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I was thinking about the changes in taxi services. Taxi cab drivers are experiencing a dramatic change in their profession. Changes such as the creation of more jobs due to Uber. Self employment of drivers has expanded the market. Higher earnings due to software updates create a positive for drivers. While I was waiting for my Uber, I noticed the long line of taxi cabs waiting for a customer at each resort in Las Vegas. Taxis were being used but the market has expanded with Uber and Lyft available for customers. What you don't see in the pictures below are the Uber and Lyft drivers picking up their patrons at a rapid pace. Uber is also changing to meet the demands of the market by providing UberEVENTS for corporate event planners and UberRUSH to rival Fed Ex and UPS. The taxi and car share industry are a necessary service. How they deliver this service is changing the dynamics of the industry.

How do we respond to the changes in our profession? How do we utilize technology to improve our practice? Our district has purchased Schoology as a learning management system. We will have a presentation on Schoology at our next faculty meeting. Schoology is designed to create a streamlined K-12 path for communication, collaboration, and access for all CSISD stakeholders (students, teachers, administrators, parents). In my ATR/T-TESS summatives, I have encouraged each teacher to include a Schoology professional goal for next year. In order to maximize the tools offered through Schoology, we will need to learn the system. From what I have seen so far, I think that this system will help us access tools to refine our instructional practice even change the dynamics of how we do business as teachers in CSISD.

Be Innovative - Design the possibilities!


Morning Duties for the Week

Gym & Morning Assembly (7:20-7:45): Reed

Gym (7:20-7:45): Williams

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20-7:55): Lake

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20-7:55): Neidig & Knight

Cafeteria (7:20-8:00): Murphy

Bus (7:15 - 7:55 Buses/ Car Drop Off after all buses arrive): Tutt

Counselor Schedule: - STAAR

Librarian: PC

Week at a Glance

Monday: 3:05-4:00 3rd & 4th Grade Choir; 3 Week Progress Reports Due by 8:00 am; Instructional Coach/Leadership Meeting 3:30-4:00

Tuesday: 4th Grade STAAR Writing - Wear Mustang Strong Shirts & Jeans to show our support and encouragement for the students AND teachers!

Wednesday: Lunch Lounge Wednesday (Jeans & a GP Shirt)

Thursday: 1st grade field trip to Waco Zoo; Chess club tournament; Receive printed progress reports from Computer Services late Thursday 4/12 or early Friday 4/13 - Progress reports go home in Monday folders.


News & Notes

  • Lunch Lounge Wednesday: Eating lunch in the lounge, wear jeans, and a GP shirt helps to build a positive school culture? Yes! It is scientific! Well not really, but those that eat together and wear a school shirt all while wearing jeans must be a good thing! If you would like to participate, eat in the teacher's lounge, wear your jeans and a GP Shirt that day! Win Win!
  • VIPS Luncheon: Our VIPS luncheon will be on Wednesday, April 18th. We are honoring our ALL STAR Volunteers! Please invite your classroom and/or grade level volunteers that have helped you this year. The invitation/ticket to the "game" is in the office. Please send home to invite your VIP. This is a great way to show our appreciation to all of our VIPS. Staff will eat with our VIPS on this day as well.
  • Work Orders: A work order has been submitted because a mouse was spotted. Please make sure food items are properly put away so that we do not provide a buffet to our unwanted guests.
  • Lights: If you have lamps, Christmas lights, etc in your room, please make sure they are turned off before you leave. Some of the lamps and string lights can get very hot which would be a fire hazard.
  • April ELA & Math meetings: ELA meetings will be on Friday, April 20th. Math meetings will be Friday, April 27th.
  • Know an artist, musician, theater group?: We are in need of a few guest artists to perform or provide art opportunities for students on Wednesday, April 25th, at our Book Fair Fine Arts night. Time is 6:00-8:00. If you know of someone, please let me know so that we can contact them. This is a great night to showcase our fine arts program and the arts in the community.

Mustang Yee Haws!

Congratulations to Heather Jankowski for presenting at the Texas Librarians Association's Annual Convention. Her session, Authors! Authors! Anytime and Anywhere with TexQuest and TexShare's was presented to librarians across the state. She also decorated for the Texas Bluebonnet Awards Luncheon for over 900 librarians! Go Heather!

Congratulations to Hillary Oswald, Micki Lindner's student teacher, who was featured in the Eagle. She presented to the Kappa Gamma chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

Happy Birthday

This Week Birthdays:

Jana Wilson, April 14