Water Purification

How water purification helps us in every day life

Why did NASA make it?

NASA made water purification system so they can reuse the water multiple times before disposal so they don't run out of water while in space. Water purification was made so that the astronauts going to space could reuse the same water multiple times. Water is limited when you're in space so you have to be conservative.
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Whats water purification?

Water Purification is a system that is used to purify water so you can reuse the same water multiple times. A purifier can allow you to reuse any water you can even reuse urine, sweat, shower water, and any dirty water a purifier is very useful in space travel exspecialy since they only have a limited supply of water. We use water purification to be able to reuse water or urine water purification can be very helpful exspecialy during survival. Water purification allows us to run on the same water for multiple days or weeks.

Benefits- Produces clean water by eliminating containments, Requires less power than conventional systems, enabling remote options. Scalable- Allows for use of a single filter or a large bank of integrated filters, depending on filtration needs.

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