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Weekly Update for Douglas Staff - Monday, May 16th

Vision - Mission - Priorities

Vision - Excellence for All

Mission - The mission of Douglas Elementary School is to engage the Douglas community in learning and growing together, preparing children to pursue the dreams and opportunities of their future.

Priorities -

Learning and Growing Together

Driven by High Expectations and Goals

Fostering a Positive, Safe Learning Environment

Kindergarten Kick-Off - Monday, May 16th!

Theme 2016-2017 - Learning is Our Super Power! (Super Heroes)

The planning committee met on Tuesday, 5/10 to brainstorm and split up tasks. Look for an update before the end of the school year! Some things the group is working on: monthly "super skills" (to replace character traits), schoolwide beginning of the year activity (like the stars from this year), monthly "super student" certificates, super hero themed prize cart, theme banners with 'super tiger' and 'super gosling', classroom integration (clip charts, etc), general decor, reading incentive, staff recognition/morale...busy busy! Thanks to the committee - we are meeting again on May 31st - same time!

Structural/Learning Updates (3-5)...

At the 3-5 meeting on Tuesday, the teams ended up all deciding to adjust their structures for 2016-2017. Teams will be forming two teacher teams within their PLC - to focus on the following areas: Reading/SS and Math/Science (STEM) - Writing will be split between the two teams, as well as integrated into eventual projects/content.

3rd - Reading/SS: Mary and Amanda, Math/Science: Pam and Justin

4th - Reading/SS: Jenn and Jenna, Math/Science: Tom and Cheryl, Both - Julie

5th - Reading/SS: Julie, Matt, Lindsey, Math/Science: Bri, Cally, Liz

Students will all be assigned to a homeroom/advisory, then spend half of the day in one area (ex; Reading/SS), then switch for the afternoon to the other teacher(s). 3-5 will maintain WIN, and also end the day with their homeroom/advisory as well.

3-5 will also be learning together about Project-Based Learning (PBL). Student engagement has been a concern in recent years - and standards-driven PBL aims to engage students, through rigorous learning experiences. While learning about and integrating PBL, we will also be exploring the Next-Generation Science Standards and 21st Century Skills. Exciting stuff! A leadership team is being developed and will work together to build a plan.

All of this work fits under the larger umbrella of PLC, as the foundation of high-quality PBL are essential standards and learning targets; and teams will continue to develop and utilize common formative assessments to ensure student learning and provide feedback for instruction.

We have had some significant conversations over the past month-and-a-half, and I am so proud to be in a building with teachers who are engaged and dedicated to continuous learning on behalf of our students and community. I can't wait to dig in and learn with all of you - and see where this path leads us!

Year-End Slideshow - PICS NEEDED! Please email me pictures from your classroom/field trips during this school year! In the subject - please put "slideshow". 4-5 pics per classroom would be GREAT!

Upcoming Events/Meetings...

Monday, May 16th - Kindergarten Kick-Off! (Current K's - No School); K to 1st Placement (3:15)

Tuesday, May 17th - PLC Planning Team - 3:15-4:30 (Media Center)

(Alternate Team Meetings this Week)

Wednesday, May 18th - Lincoln Family Orientation (5:30)

Tuesday, May 24th - Staff Meeting

Thursday, May 26th - 4th to 5th Placement (3:15)

Monday, May 30th - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31st - NO Staff Meeting; 1st to 2nd Placement (3:15)

Wednesday, June 1st - 3rd to 4th Placement (3:15)

Monday, June 6th - Kindergarten Celebration - 5:00

Tuesday, June 7th - Field Day/Cookout

**If Raining - Inflatables in Gym (schedule TBD)

Thursday, June 9th - Early Release (Last Day); Assembly at 9:00

Project-Based Learning Links - PBL (Updated Weekly)

PBL (Project-Based Learning) Institute - June 16-17

Did you know??? Watertown is hosting the PBL (Project-Based Learning) Institute this summer? Topics will include PBL and STEM/STEAM - with sessions on the elementary level. Interested?? Click this button for more info - and email Emily to attend!

Everything You Need to Know about the NGSS :)

A one-page easy-to-read FAQ about the Next Generation Science Standards and how they came to be...

Emily's Schedule - 5/16-5/20

Announcements - Daily @ 8:05

Informal Observations + Formals

Monday, 5/16

7:30 - Parent Meeting (Lapp)

5th to Miller Park

8:30 - Kindergarten Kick-Off Tour

9:15 - Meet with Jen Harris

10:15 - Kindergarten Kick-Off Tour 2

12:00 - Meet with Mike B.

1:30 - Kindergarten Kick-Off Tour 3

2:00 - Meet with Dawn McBride

3:15 - Kindergarten Placement Meeting (K to 1st)

Tuesday, May 17th

8:30-11:30 Cabinet (ESC)

3:15-4:30 PLC Planning Team (Media Center)

Wednesday, May 18th

7:30 NO SIT Scheduled

Lincoln Family Orientation (PM)

Thursday, May 19th

7:20 Special Ed Team Meeting

3rd to Horicon Marsh

5th to Track Meet (WHS)

9:00-11:00 Elementary Principals

2:30 IEP (Retzlaff, Rens, Dunn)

Friday, May 20th

Emily Out - Closing on House - Moving Day!