Mangum Family News

February 12, 2016


This week we reviewed rhyming words. We played different games to help us produce rhyming words. We also read lots of fun Valentine's Day books to get us excited! This week our poem focused our number words. We are working to recognize and spell these words correctly in our reading and writing.

We read:

  • I Can't Said the Ant
  • Silly Sally
  • The Day it Rained Hearts
  • Froggy's First Kiss
  • Hedgehug
  • Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
  • Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink
  • Slugs in Love

We also applied the skills we learned about letter writing last week to celebrate Valentine's Day. Be on the look out for a special surprise :)


This week we continued our study of chickens and sheep. The chicken group decided to pick a specific breed of chicken to study. They choose the leghorn chicken. They researched and discovered this is one of the few chickens that can fly short lengths. The sheep group has led us in discussions about how sheep protect themselves from predators. We also learned that sheep are called different names depending on their ages. For example, a sheep that is 1 year old is called a hogget and a 2 year old sheep is called a two-tooth. The children have really enjoyed learning from each other, they are loving seeing their peers as teachers!

We have also been working on our dramatic play center. The children decided they wanted to change it into a post office. They have been researching how mail is delivered and all the parts of a post office. They have been building these parts in our dramatic play center!

Upcoming Dates

  • February 15: Professional Learning Day (No school for students)
  • February 16: Book Fair
  • February 17: Scholastic Book Orders due
  • February 26: Multicultural Festival 6pm
  • March 4: Crazy Sock Day (for Read Across America)
  • March 11: Hat Day (for Read Across America)
  • March 11: Miss Whiten's Last Day
  • March 18: Twin Day (for Read Across America)
  • March 19-28: Spring Break
  • April 25: Professional Learning Day (No school for students)