Bohally Newsletter - Week 5, Term 1

3rd March 2021

Principal's Welcome

Kia ora Whanau,

It was wonderful seeing so many of you at school last week engaging with your child's teachers during whanau hui. Please remember to keep the communication up between yourselves and your child's class teacher and we are always available to meet with you anytime if you have any concerns or just wish to check on your child's progress.

Soon it will be time to start signing up for winter sports activities, this is always a busy time for our Bohally students. I encourage you to look out for notices around sports and ensure any notices are brought back to school or registrations completed on time to prevent your child from missing out on getting in a team. We are always on the lookout for coaches and team managers so please don't be shy in putting your name forward as it allows us to have more teams in each of the sporting codes.

Next term we are putting on a school production "Atarangi - Morning Sky". This production was written by a former student Tom Knowles and has original music to accompany it. The lead roles have now been selected and we now begin to work towards selecting dancers, singers, kapa haka performers, backstage hands, etc to support these roles. It is going to be an exciting time and we thank Mrs Knowles in advance for the time that will be involved in putting this together. The performances will be in the ASB Theatre at the end of term 2.

We have had a few inquiries about sun hats. We strongly encourage our students to wear sunhats during terms 1 and 4. We ask that hats are plain blue or black, they can be caps, bucket hats or the traditional wide-brimmed style. Please remember to name them as they quite often end up in the lost property. On uniform matters please be aware that we do not allow jewelry at school and if students have ear piercings we only allow 1 earring per ear and they must be studs. It is helpful if parents have a check of their students before they leave home to save us having to follow it up when they get to school.

I am in Christchurch this week with Mrs Jo Sena and Mr Phill Johnson, meeting Principals and leaders who have gone through new school builds. We will be looking at what has gone well and what hasn't so we can begin to start gathering ideas for our new school now that the lead contractor, Naylor Love, has been appointed. As I said in a previous email this will be a long journey and one we want to get right for future generations of learners in Marlborough. Please be assured that I will be making sure that learning here is minimally disrupted at all times.

Finally look out for our chocolate fundraiser starting soon, a good Easter treat for friends and family.

Nga mihi nui


2021 Whittakers Chocolate Fundraiser

Over the next few weeks, Bohally students will be selling Whittakers chocolate to raise funds for the school. On Friday 5 March students will be issued with a box of 30 chocolate bars (pupils may take two boxes on request after selling their first box and returning the funds). We ask that you support your child to sell them to friends, neighbours, residents in your street, family members, work colleagues etc. Nearly everybody eats a little chocolate from time to time. There will be prizes for great sellers individually and as a class.

If you would prefer not to take part in this fundraising effort, please contact the school office before this Friday. A further letter will come home with students on Friday with more details. We need parents to assist us with counting the money that comes in each day. If you are able to offer your time on any day/s from 9.30 am to approximately 10.30/11 am between Monday 8 March and Friday 26 March please email Jo at with your name, day/s available and the best contact for you, by this Friday 5 March so a roster can be sorted.

Congratulations Neve McKenzie!

Neve McKenzie competed in the Tasman Secondary Schools MTB Champs on the 23rd and 24th of February. Neve had to race in the under 15 age group but performed amazingly well, earning 2nd place in the Endro and 1st in the XC making Neve the under 15 girls Cross Country Tasman MTB Champ. Neve is also competing in the upcoming South Island MTB Champs on the 12th of March and we wish her all the best.

Upcoming Events

  • Chocolate Fundraiser starts - 5th March
  • Yr 8 Swimming Sports - 8th March
  • Yr 7 Swimming Sports - 9th March
  • School Triathlon - 23rd March
  • Marlborough Swimming Sports - 26th March
  • School Photos - 29th March
  • Easter Break- 2nd - 6th April
  • Last Day of Term 1 - 16th April

What's been happening?

Each newsletter a different tribe will be highlighting some of the main events that have been happening around our school. This time 'Tama Nui Te Ra' will be taking over and letting us know what's been happening at Bohally.

Learning in Tama Nui Te Ra:

At the start of the year, our classes participated in teamwork-based activities to get to know each other and to get used to the new environment we were placed into. Room 4 also took a test comprising of a set of questions about what you would do in certain situations. It then collected and analyzed our answers, showing how we prefer you learn. There are 3 types of learning; Tactile is where you have to physically do things to learn, Auditory is where you have to listen to learn, and Visual is where you need to see to learn. We have also been studying geometry relentlessly for the past few weeks. We’ve been learning about the 4 transformations of geometry; rotation, translation, enlargement, and reflection. We have also been learning about our school values of Kia Kaha (resilience), Manaakitanga (respect), and Ako (learning to learn). With this, we have looked at examples of great leaders and role models who have demonstrated these values.

Having settled into the school year, we have many people signing up for sports and cultural groups, as well as our exciting school production. We look forward to many more exciting things to come.

Olivia Vili (Room 4)

So far this year we have been focusing on geometry, setting up class treaties and routines. One task we did in geometry was to do with enlargement. We had to pick a picture and draw a 1x1cm grid over it. Then on an A3 piece of paper, we drew a 2x2cm grid and redrew the picture, two times bigger! With our class treaty, we talked about what our class should look like and made some rules. We then all signed it to agree. We also worked in groups and came up with some routines for our class - making sure we were using the three school values: Ako, Manaakitanga and Kia Kaha.

Aliya Henigan-Grant (Room 2)


On the 19th of February, Bohally School had our first NKO day of the year. NKO days are days for us to show pride in our Nga Kapa Ora and have fun with our class. Classes participated in several events; biff it, long ball, capture the flag, kahoot games and so many more! On this day we earn points by playing games, winning, and showing our school's character values. After a day of having fun and working with the class to become a better team, we find out the overall winners and the character value winners. This year Tawhirimatea (white) won our overall points and here are the full results : 1st, Tawhirimatea 2nd, Tangaroa 3rd Tamanui Te Ra, 4th Te Marama, 5th Tanemahuta. Our second award goes to the Tribe that has shown the best character. This year Tangaroa won! It was an amazing day filled with fun for all. Everybody cannot wait until the next NKO day!

Gabby Miller (Room 4)

Swimming and Sports Rotation

This year have been working on some skills like cricket, swimming and softball as part of our 'striking practice'. With cricket, we have had a man come in named Bailey and he is helping us with some skills and games. So far we have hit a cricket ball off of a tee to develop our hitting and catching skills.

For swimming, we have been split up into three groups and within those groups we have been doing different things to help our swimming. After we have learned a few things we started to time each other so we are prepared for swimming sports.

We have only done a few lessons on softball but in those few lessons we have learned to use the softball glove to catch a softball and we have also learned how to throw the softball.

Albie Edmonds (Room 3)

Mihi Whakatau

On the first day of school for the year 7's we held a Mihi Whakatau. The Year 7's were welcomed on by Whaea Pera and then all took a seat. Mr Wilkin, Mrs Cameron-Dunn, and Mr Hammond all spoke on behalf of Bohally, welcoming the new students, teachers, and whanau. The year 8's then sang a song.

I felt that the Mihi Whakatau presented to all of the year 7's on the first day of school by the year 8's was amazing. It was very welcoming and the song was very good as well. I rate it 10 out of 10.

Liam Walker (Room 2)


This term we have been learning about geometry and doing some art. One thing we did was a big Tamanui Te Ra art collaboration, where we used oil pastels. The downside of using these was that you got it all over your hands so one, you had some strange alien-coloured hands, and two, you had to be careful so you didn’t put red fingerprints where the yellow color was. But all in all, the positives outweighed the negatives.

We also did some geometry where we got a white square printing block and drew our design out and pushed down, with a pen, the parts we didn’t want black and proceeded to rotate the block around the paper we had colored earlier to make a rotational symmetry design.

Alexander Kelly (Room 1)


At Bohally we strive to keep our community up to date with what is happening at school. We have three main ways we communicate - our school app, website, and Facebook page. We recommend downloading our school app. The app will allow you to set up alerts for your child's class and activities. This causes a push notification on your phone if any notices are uploaded. If you have any questions about how to access any of these three systems please talk to your child's teacher. Below are the links for you to follow.



School App:

Search 'School Apps NZ' on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Community Notices

Bridge Valley Holiday Camps

Bridge Valley Holiday Camps

Our Holiday Programmes for children and youth are coming up in the April school holidays. This camp will be ‘Time Warp’ themed, and we will be visiting different decades each day!

Ultimate Time Warp Camp (ages 11-13): 19th - 23rd April. Includes all of our most extreme activities at camp such as high ropes, laser tag, luge and abseiling.

Junior Time Warp Camp (ages 8-11): 27th - 30th April. This camp includes our classic Bridge Valley activities such as rock climbing, zipline, archery and more.

Register on our website soon to secure a spot!

Music Lessons

Music lessons and instrument hire available for Guitar, Violin, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, and Brass. $25 per term (lessons only); $45 per term (lessons and instrument hire). Open to Primary School children (year 4 - 8). No experience needed. Limited number of vacancies. Lessons held in Blenheim. Contact Christine Holdaway (Marlborough School of Instrumental Music)

Kind regards,

Christine Holdaway

Marlborough Boys’ College 2021 Year 9 Uniform Pre-pay

Hello Parents of Year 8 boys,

Though it is a long way off, I want to talk about your son coming to Marlborough Boys' College next year. The MBC PTA Uniform Shop runs a prepay system where you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Then at the end of the year, we get your son fitted, and it's all done One less thing to worry about come the new year. Our feedback has been wonderful and the people that started pre-paying early say they do not even notice paying it.

Highlighted items are all that is needed for the first week. We suggest:

- 2/3 shirts

- 2 shorts

- 3 pairs of socks

- 1 set of PE uniform

We will send out quarterly updates. Now is the time to get registered. Please contact me at with your son's name and your contact number. I will return email with bank details.

Look forward to hearing from you,


MBC PTA Uniform Shop Manager