How to better your community?

Name=Lulu Moreno Period 7/8 Class= Literacy

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I am interested in this topic because I want to better my community and asist others in need.

What I Know?

  • By helping out in some programs
  • Volunteering in funraisers
  • Donating blood,clothes,food or even money

How can we improve ourselves,the comunity,and the other people?

Helping others and how volunteering will help you connect with other people

  • The benifits I have of helping others is getting a positive reputation.

  • The more time we put in something the more value it will have for example the community.

  • The more you do for your community,the more benefits the people will have.

Goanna saisan,Melinda smith,Gina kemp

How can teens change the community?

Encourage them to find the passionate,Motivating them to do better in their lives and the lives of others.

  • Today’s youth should get involved and help change the world.
  • Volunteer in some activity
  • Think between things you can and you cannot do

Grace Chai

What Are Some Helping Opportunities?

There’s many things you could do to help out your community, for example organizing a food drive for the poor people.

  • Also coach youth sports teams because that will help young children make new friends.
  • Another great idea is you could donate blood like we do in leyden because we are a great school.
  • Join or start a club that will help the community.

Bill Gerlach

What I Sythesized?

There's many ways to help the community by volunteering in programs that help out fix up the school so the children could go to a better school.

MetaCognitive Reflection

This goal will impact my life and the life of others around me by giving them a positive attitude and showing them that helping others is really helpfulll and important.This skills that i used really did help me and it will also will help me in the future for any kind of project.It wil make the project so much eaiser for me and actually it would be pretty easy.

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