Let's Talk Books!

Creating a Culture of Reading

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Favorite genre and something you read on holiday...

  • Biography/Memoir
  • Children's
  • History
  • Humor/Entertainment
  • Inspirational/Spiritual
  • Mysteries/Thrillers
  • Literary Fiction/Classics
  • Non-Fiction
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Self-Development/Fitness/Diet/Cooking
  • Young Adult/Teen
  • Other

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

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What can I do to strengthen the reading culture in my classroom?

  • Keep alive your own passion for reading: make time to read for pleasure YOURSELF!
  • If you have a treadmill, read while you get your workout! Try an eReader or iPad since they lie flat and have adjustable font size
  • Ask your students for book suggestions, and set a personal goal to read one or more student-recommended children's books this semester. Share with students what you are reading!
  • Make a "Hot Reads" display in your room using a little easel stand and a children's book you've read
  • If you teach 3rd-5th grade, read The Book Whisperer
  • Consider joining GoodReads (largest social network designed for readers) and create your own "bookshelf" similar to what the students have on Home Connect (see image below). "Friend" people you know and see what others "have read, are currently reading, or want to read". This might be a fun summer project! Full-disclosure: GoodReads launched in 2007 but was purchased by Amazon last year.
  • Follow children's book lovers on Twitter @donalynbooks @JensBookPage
  • Read Reading Unbound, by Jeffrey Wilhelm and Michael Smith, This newly published book is about the importance of adolescents having choice in their reading.

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