Amanda G.

Subsurfacing and Surface Mining

  • Subsurface mining is underground while surface mining is above the ground.

Mountaintop Removal

  • Where tops of mountains are removed to show the seams of coal.
  • It can hurt nearby houses in the community from when they use dynamite blast to split up the rocks, it can also dry up wells, and it can contaminate the drinking water.


  • Method of accessing materials such as coal or ore.
  • Floods could happen which could cause landslides, sedimentation, erosion, and pollution.


  • Fracking is fluid going into the ground at a high pressure in order to break rocks and let natural gas release its self.
  • The effects it can cause nearby groundwater to be contaminated, and it can cause disorders or other harming things to your body if contaminated water is digested.


  • When digging a hole through earth, rock and other material to get mineral reserve. (Usually coal)
  • Waste can be found into the groundwater which soon turns into our drinking water, when ailments are inhaled or digested through the skin it can cause health issues.


  • A passageway in mining following the vein of the ore.
  • The toxic underground can be brought up to the surface and that can be dangerous to inhale, can cause serious damage to buildings.