9/11 Newspaper

By Me

9/11 In A Nutshell

Have you heard of 9/11/2001? It was a very sad day. Terrorists attacked 4 planes. Two hit a place called the World Trade Center,one hit a place called the Pentagon,and one landed in a field thanks to the passengers. If the passengers didn't do anything than the plane would of hit the White House. Over 2,000 people died that day. We will never forget that day.

"We Can't Abandon Her"

A few days ago I read a book called Heroes of 9/11. This is the story of the chapter I read. This is the story of a man named John Jonas. He survived 9/11/2001. He went to the North Tower when the South Tower was hit. He was going up a stairwell when him and his crew met a woman named Johsiphine Harris. Every one was trying to leave,but she could barely move.His crew already received 2 mayday signals. But instead he decided to help Johsiphine. Him and his crew members were moving at a snail's pace. Right before that,the South Tower collapsed. She wanted them to go without her,but one worker said,"Do you have kids?" "Yes."she replied. "Do you have grand kids?" She nodded. So she decided to continue moving. They were on the second floor when the North Tower started collapsing. They had to get out fast. But it was to late. They didn't get out. When they woke up,they could barely breathe,and they were under a bunch of debris. One person in their crew was missing. One member tried sending out a mayday signal,but go no response. After a few hours they saw light. It was sunlight! But they knew that help was coming. So they waited. Eventually they got out. 1,700 people died in the North Tower alone. Only 14 people survived. The 1st through 5th floors did not collapse. If it wasn't for Johsiphine, they would have died. Well, hope you like the story of John Jonas! Hope you like the rest of my newspaper!