💦 Drop in the bucket 💦

Water Scarcity Organization created by. Karen, and Kamarie

Effect on County (Africa)

Water has a major effect on the African country.Many people are suffering without water to bathe in and drink.Many little girls are quitting for the water scarcity in there schools.People sometimes starve without water to grow crops.Sometimes people use dirty water for crops but it can make them have major diseases and sometimes death. People are even drowning for trying to survive. In the night they walk so many miles to get to the restroom stop.

Water Scarcity Organization

We care about the water scarcity in Africa.We will help Africa by building a rain water filtering jar.This jar will capture all the rain water and filter it so it safe to drink and other water necessities. Drop in The Bucket is an organization that helps the people of Africa have water in there buckets. We want to help the people and help achieve a healthy life style for the people.