Marly and Me

Shaheen Shafiee


Marley and Me was a really good book for me to read cuz I enjoyed it a lot. I thought through out the story that they were going to give away Marley just because he was a bad dog. While John and Jenny were living their life's it turned out that jenny was pregnant and this meant that Marley would have to stay on his best behavior. One of the things I loved about this book was that Marley was starting to become a real big pain because of all the disasters that he caused and cuz of the baby they had, but no matter how bad of a dog he was they still kept him and loved him like family. Marley was the main character of this book cuz it basically explains how from the beginning and ending of the book he was being a bad dog bit still one of the lovable dogs in the world.

First major event

This picture is worthy because it shows how it Marlys first day of being adopted and becoming part of a family and from there is where everything happens.

The picture goes with the event because it was Marlys first day of getting adopted.

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