Will You Shoot Me Because of This?

Pakistan Censership Rights

Why is this such a big problem?

In Pakistan many people can't put what they want into the media. So the violated human right is freedom of press. Whenever something is put on there that isn't liked by someone, the people end up getting threatened. So instead of giving off the information in normal civilians perspective everything is given off by the government's point of view. A journalist in Pakistan won't really be able to survive long especially knowing that Pakistan is rated the 159 most dangerous country to have media out of 180.

What can be done?

Many organizations are already trying to solve this problem. According to Freedom House, the journalist can face a minimum fee of 100,000 rupees ($1,100) or 5 years in prison if they "offend" the government. These organizations are trying to get rid of this huge fine and imprisonment because its just too much.

The Malala Fund

This organization helps stand up for the people in Pakistan from the Taliban who want to succeed in life and be different. This organization mainly focuses on women and their education.

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