By Laura Hillenbrand


I think that unbroken is the book that has tons of emotion and lots of logic and some credibilty In unbroken. I would never think there could be any story like this, when you read this it inpires you and gives you goose bumps. It starts as a little kid doing bad things cops getting upset and his name is Louie Zamperini. With a little influence Louie started running and next thing you know he is in the olypliaces. that is just one of the inspurations in this book. Next thing you know he is in the air force. I know what he is probably thinking because a lot of my family has been in the air force. One thing I thought was upseting because Louie and his crew got the worst and outdated plane there. Then they crash land in the pacific ocean then after a month on sea barely any food or water.They then are captured by Japan and put in a consentration camp.

The Question

What will Louie do? will he survive or die in shame and devastating fellings and be broken or will he be an unbroken person that will survive.


pathos is what I think people get caught by and grabs there atention. This book gives you goose bumps, makes you go want to run around the world and be the best. Pathos is a great thing in any book, movie, comercial, it is great.


logos is somthing that was not a lot in this book mostly because this book is not a knowledge book.Not a book with facts and definitions.


ethos was in the back of unbroken in the authors reason why she wrote this.I thought that she has also wrote seabusciut. I think there was a little bit of ethos.