**Second Grade** Wolf Pack News

Ms. Juneau's Class

Issue 9

October 17 - October 21

Character Trait of the Month


(The willingness to answer for your thoughts, words, and actions)

Box Tops!

Remember to send in box tops for your child's school!

Our class was the second grade box top winner for the month!

Pioneer Trail already has as many this year as we had all of last year!

Thanks for all of your support!

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Monday - Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Library

Friday - Art

What’s Happening This Week In…

Math? I can add numbers within 1,000 and justify my answer.

I can fluently practice addition facts.

I can write an equation to describe an array.

Writing? I can write a personal narrative.

I can use pronouns in my writing.

I can use punctuation in my writing.

Language? I can describe what a verb is.

I can describe what a prefix is.

I can describe what a root word is.

Spelling? I can spell my new spelling words: like, him, see, time, and could.

Reading? I can tell the central message of a story.

I can describe cause and effect.

I can describe point of view of a story.

I can retell a fairy tale.

Science? I can describe the scientific method.

I can tell what a mixture is and give an example.

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Jack will be Star Student this week!

Classroom Updates and Information


We will have a snack time mid-morning. Please send in a healthy snack that is easy to eat. Please do not send candy, peanuts, or anything requiring spoons.

Homework Folder

Please remember to check your child’s folder each night. They should be filling out how they felt each day. Thank you for your support!

Monthly Art, Music, PE, Library Schedule - We are Bs.

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