Semester Final

Computer 7 by: Taija TenHulzen

Web 2.0

From the web that we use in this class there is: Smore, Fotobabble, Symballo, Wordle, Big Huge Labs, Prezies, and Keynote. They are very helpful tools that we use everyday! Web 2.0 is where you can go to any website that the teacher tells you to, like if she/he tells you to go to, then you would type that website into the URL box. Then you log in or create an account and then, there you go!

Digital Citizenship

We talked about digital footprints, we talked about how Digital footprints will always follow you, and we also talked about the Grandma rule. The Grandma rule is: don't post anything your grandma wouldn't want to see! If you post something bad online then you will have a Negative Digital Footprint. Having a negative digital footprint is bad, because it could make people think you are someone you're not, and that would be bad. That is bad because a lot of people would like to have a Positive Digital Footprint! So just be aware of what you post online, or people might just might judge you.


This information is very helpful to use while you are on the iPad or internet, because it teaches you how to do more stuff!

Google Docs

Google Docs is a website where your email is, so when you go onto the website you would log in and then all of your mail shows up it is a very easy and complex website to use when ever you need to check your school mail! For the e-mail you would use your first name, underscore, then the first two letters of you last name, the @ sign, the schools website, and then .org. It is just that simple! And for your password they let you pick your own!


Spreadsheets are charts for data that you can save into your school email so that it is there whenever you need to use it, it is also to chart data that you would need for later on!

Keynote Presentations

In Keynote you can make presentations of a subject, or class of some sort! With Keynote you can make the graphics and text come in to the presentation however you want them to, they have A LOT of different options to choose from, so for the future I hope you enjoy Keynote! It is very fun to do keynote, because it is a very helpful tool to use when you are stuck, or don't have a project to do... then you can do a keynote presentation!!!


When you make a brochure on pages it can do Posters/opacity formatting for you so you don't have to worry about it. On pages when you get done, or if it is time to go it will ask you to name it and save it, but if you don't name it then it doesn't save. I'm not quite sure why this happens but it does. I think that pages is a very helpful tool, because if the internet is down then you can go onto pages and do whatever you need to because pages is already downloaded to the computer! In Pages you can add graphics, color and lots more!!! This is why i think pages is a helpful tool! When you add the colors you get to pick the colors you use.

Computer 7 was a wonderful class, we can only be in it for one semester, but I will remember all the great times we had in this class!!!