African Explorer

By: Jordan Hartung

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Great Rift Valley

Great Rift Valley is a geological fault that travels from central Mozambique to northern Syria. The valley's elevations can range from 1,300 feet below sea level to 6,000 feet above sea level. Overtime erosion has leveled out much of the valley but in some sections cliffs can be several thousand feet high. On Lake Naivasha, in Great Rift Valley, you can go and see birds and many other beautiful creatures and sights.
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Red Sea

The Red Sea sits between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, it is long, narrow and has many beautiful beaches which would be great to enjoy a day with your family on. The Red Sea is connected to the Indian Ocean by the Gulf of Aden. Also it being surrounded by hot and dry deserts and steppes, summer temperatures can reach above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert is an arid plateau that spans three countries and covers 100,000 square miles in the southern region of Africa. It lies between the Orange and Zambezi rivers and has dry lake beds scattered throughout it's terrain. An interesting thing to do in this desert would be to go on a wild safari and see all the beautiful animals and watch an amazing sunset.
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Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a group of ranges and plateaus that travel 1,500 miles from southwest Morocco to north Tunisia. These mountains are rich in many minerals such as coal, iron, and oil. The slopes facing the north are well watered and house important farmlands and forests, meanwhile the south facing slopes have dry shrubbery, salt lakes, and salt flats. These mountains also are home to 480 different bird species so that would make for an interesting day seeing and trying to name all of the different kinds.