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Week of April 27

Scoggins Band EOY Final Information

This week all brass and woodwind players are working on reviewing their Chromatic Scale. In their Canvas assignments there is guidance on how students should prepare and submit. The submission this week is a regular eLearning grade, and an opportunity to practice what will count as the End of Year Performance, and 2020-2021 Band Placement Audition.

Percussion information will be uploaded in your Canvas classroom by Mr. Jennings and Mr. Mulligan in the coming weeks. Please reach out to them directly if you have a question.

Due to the loss of instruction this year, this single performance is only a small portion of what will determine a students band placement for next year. Band Placements will also take into consideration performance and effort throughout the year, consistency in participation via SmartMusic and Canvas, and attendance/punctuality for sectionals or after school rehearsals.

If your students has elected not to continue in band next year these assignments are still required.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

Virtual Ensembles-Music

Chris Clark of C3 Big Band has written free Duets and Small Ensembles for students to play during this time apart. The button below will direct you to his page where you can find your instrument and background tracks. This would be GREAT to do with a partner!

We would love to show off our Scoggins Students doing something similar. The app being used is called Acapella, and is for iOS devices. Below is the link to the App store, and there is a free version that gives you limited access.

I do have access to a few full subscriptions that can be given out to the first 20 students that reach out to me with the piece of music they are wanting to play AND who they are performing with. You can pick anyone in any band class, and the groups can be as small as 2, and as large as you would like.

Free Duet and Small Ensemble Music!

Find a partner and create this project for us to share on social media!

Acapella App

Click to be directed to the App Store

Update on IPR Grades

Once IPR Grades go live we wanted to give you some insight into what your grade in band reflects.

Band Grade of I- If you have an I for incomplete in the gradebook for the IPR please reach out to your primary band director so we can assist in getting your child caught up. Students will only receive a I on the IPR if they have not submitted any work.

If you have a 100 in band please look at HAC to see if you have any assignments coded LX. This means that the assignment is Late, but we are not currently counting it as a 0. We will accept work late without penalty, and are happy to work with every student if there is a circumstance that prevents them from participating in certain assignments.

eLearning has been an adjustment for all of us, and it is not our goal for Band to be a stressor. So please let us know how we can help if you have any questions.

Independence High School Audition Info

Auditions will happen digitally this week for all wind players. Please click the buttons below for more information.

Percussion information can be found in their Google Classroom(Code in Info letter), and their submissions are due May 11.

All questions should be directed to IHS Directors Mr. Bown, Mr. Hicks and Mr. Jennings. Their emails can be found in the informational letter.

IHS Audition Informational Letter

Click for details in regards to IHS auditions for next year.

IHS Audition Music

Please click to download the IHS Audition Music

Flipgrid Help

Mr. Davis and Ms. Brinkman have added Flipgrid links in our Canvas SmartMusic Assignment. This link can be used to submit a video of you playing to get feedback from us prior to submitting in SmartMusic! The videos are locked so that only we can see them it is not visible to be viewed by anyone else. You can also use the direct links below:

Mr. Davis-

Ms. Brinkman-

Please take advantage of this. You can als just reach out to say hello, we'd love to see you!

Mr. Davis Zoom Meetings


1PM-Advanced Bands Zoom Meeting-Code will be sent out via Canvas.


10AM-Beginner Zoom Meeting-Code will be sent out via Canvas

This is optional and a time to ask questions, and say hi.

Canvas-SmartMusic Assignment

In Canvas we have a SmartMusic reminder assignment. Please take screenshot of your SmartMusic homepage once you have submitted all your assignments. This is a goodway to make sure you have done everything. Below is an example of the homepage that we want included in your submission. If you can not include a picture then please list the assignment and submission date.

Big picture

eLearning Lesson Plans

Scoggins Middle School Lesson Plan- click on your primary director for weekly lesson plan

Canvas- ALL Band students will have assignments to submit weekly in Canvas. These will be located under the "Assignments" link on the left side of the courses homepage.

SmartMusic-All Woodwind and Brass students have weekly SmartMusic assignments to turn in. If you have circumstances that need an alternative assignment from SmartMusic please reach out to your primary director so we can help.

Percussion students will also need to look into their Canvas classrooms that Mr. Jennings and Mr. Mulligan have setup.

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