Ladies of the Legal Thriller

Six bestselling legal thrillers in a special boxed set.

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(Ladies of the Legal Thriller Book 1)

From six bestselling legal thriller authors comes this set of six full-length, first-in-series novels! The Ladies of the Legal Thriller present Legal Action, a limited-time, ebook release featuring four lawyers, one judge, and a forensic accountant in six deftly plotted, pulse-pounding thrillers.

This bundle includes: Damaged by Pamela Callow; Due Justice by Diane Capri; Exit Strategy by Colleen Cross; Hostile Witness by Rebecca Forster; Critical Vulnerability by Melissa F. Miller; and Buying Time by Pamela Samuels Young.

Buying Time: Hard-charging federal prosecutor Angela Evans is the epitome of professional success. Her home life, however, is another story. Angela skillfully hides her personal woes and pours all of her energy into bringing down a company that's scamming the terminally ill.

Angela's investigation closes in on Waverly Sloan, a down-on-his luck lawyer who works for the company. After discovering that Waverly's clients are dying sooner than they should be, both Angela and Waverly unwittingly find themselves embroiled in a perilous web of greed, blackmail and murder.

Damaged: Lawyer Kate Lange focuses on her career at a high-powered law firm to avoid the ghosts of her past. But when her custody client's granddaughter is brutally murdered, Kate's legal advice, reputation, and career are called into question.

Unwilling to live with the damage she may have caused, Kate pursues the case on her own and unearths some chilling facts that lead her straight to the heart of a conspiracy--and into the hands of a serial killer.

Due Justice: When a famous plastic surgeon's decomposed body surfaces in Tampa Bay with a bullet in the head, the discovery sets off a chain reaction. Federal judge Willa Carson's younger sister Carly, a lawyer, comes to Willa in a panic and confides what she knows. Their conversation places Willa in an ethical quandary.

Then Carly vanishes. Armed only with incomplete, possibly false, facts, Willa sets out to save her sister from a dangerous game of greedy lawyers, blackmail, and deceit.

Exit Strategy: When forensic investigator Katerina Carter digs into the diamond market, she uncovers a secret that puts her in a killer's crosshairs.

Just as she discovers a connection between blood diamonds and organized crime, two company insiders are murdered. Can she can stay alive long enough to expose the real criminals...or will her first case be her last? A fast-paced crime thriller sure to get your heart racing!

Hostile Witness: A prominent judge is brutally murdered, a sixteen year-old girl is accused and Josie Bates, once a hotshot attorney now living a quiet life in a small beach town, is Hannah Sheraton's last hope for a defense. Reluctant to take the case, with no experience in juvenile law, Josie can't turn her back when the girl is charged as an adult. Together they embark on a journey that peels back the dark layers of politics, the law and family relationships to reach a horrifying truth that will either save Hannah or destroy them both.

Critical Vulnerability: Assistant U.S. Attorney Aroostine Higgins is prosecuting a major bribery trial. The outcome will make or break her career. But everything's going wrong, from missing filings to a fire in her apartment. It's as if an unseen enemy can predict her every move.

By the time she realizes her string of bad luck is anything but random, the stakes are far higher than the outcome of a high-profile court case. The life of the only man she's ever loved hangs in the balance. Now, it's personal.

Legal Action: Six Legal Thrillers (Ladies of the Legal Thriller Book 1)

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(Ladies of the Legal Thriller Book 2)

From six bestselling legal thriller authors comes a crime fiction anthology! The Ladies of the Legal Thriller present Legal Briefs, a limited-time ebook release featuring two short stories, one novelette, and four novellas, including three brand-new releases.

This set includes: Unlawful Greed by Pamela Samuels Young; Duty of Care by Melissa F. Miller; The Death of Me by Rebecca Forster; Blue Moon and Red Handed both by Colleen Cross; Cold Justice by Diane Capri; and The Confidence Man by Pamela Callow.

Unlawful Greed: When a prominent L.A. lawyer is found dead in his office, the detectives assigned to solve the crime search high and low for clues. What they discover at the lawyer's funeral may well lead them to his killer. But will the murderer turn out to be among the usual suspects?

Duty of Care: An Aroostine Higgins Prequel Novella: Aroostine has just come off the most important case of her career when two federal agents appear on her doorstep, investigating an act of attempted domestic terrorism.

A plan to unleash a deadly, weaponized virus and set off a global pandemic unraveled months earlier, leaving two dead. Now, the agents must piece together the intricate plot in the name of national security, and they want her help. Aroostine relies on the strength of her relationship with her husband Joe, her connection to her grandfather's spirit, and her inner compass to walk the fine line between advancing the investigation and safeguarding the rights of the townspeople.

The Death of Me: In the remote mountains on the California/Oregon border, the execution of the local grocer leaves a community shaken and a cold-blooded killer on the loose. In the next 48 hours Sheriff Dove Connelly, a man who carries the mystical senses of his Indian heritage and a personal pain so deep he cannot speak of it, will peel back layers of intrigue surrounding his mountain enclave and find that nothing is what it seems--not even death.

Red Handed: A Katerina Carter Color of Money Mystery Short Story: When Katerina and boyfriend Jace accept an impromptu party invitation, crime is the last thing on their minds. Then a winning wine investment leaves a sour taste in Kat's mouth and she uncovers a million-dollar fraud, all before dinner!

Blue Moon: A Katerina Carter Color of Money Mystery Short Story: Katerina's plans for a fancy dinner with boyfriend Jace go awry when she discovers her elderly neighbor Fiona has taken an ex-con into her home as a boarder. Fiona's volunteer gardening program at the local prison has changed lives, but extending her generosity further might put her own life in jeopardy.

Kat's suspicion deepens when she learns of a recent life insurance policy. And accidental death pays double.

Cold Justice: Everyone needs a vacation, even hardworking, crime-fighting federal judges. Looking forward to a quiet week of stunning winter scenery, roaring fires, and warm companionship, Judge Willa Carson and her husband George head north to Pleasant Harbor, Michigan--and slam into murder.

A car stranded in the road. A corpse slumped in the front seat. A gunshot wound to left temple. The scene is surreal, the execution ruthless, the victim far from innocent.

Local authorities want this case put away fast because it's bad for their tourism business. Willa sees what the cops don't, and she's not about to play along to get along. The rugged, frozen landscape isn't her beloved Tampa sunshine and palm trees, but Judge Willa Carson is always on the Hunt for Justice.

The Confidence Man: Law student Kate Lange believes she's on the path to rebuilding her life after her father's crimes devastated her family. But when renowned financial journalist Mike Churchill reappears after her mother's death, he drops a bombshell.

As Kate uncovers secrets from her family's past, she must prove her mother's innocence or have her belief in her mother shattered--and her own future destroyed.

Legal Briefs: A Crime Fiction Anthology (Ladies of the Legal Thriller Book 2)

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Pamela Callow

Damaged: Struggling lawyer Kate Lange uncovers a conspiracy that rocks the foundations of biomedical research—and puts her in the path of a serial killer.

Diane Capri

Due Justice: A famous plastic surgeon’s decomposed body surfaces in Tampa Bay and federal judge Willa Carson finds herself in the middle of a dangerous game of greedy lawyers, blackmail, and deceit.

Colleen Cross

Exit Strategy: Forensic investigator Katerina Carter digs into the diamond market and uncovers a secret that puts her in a killer’s crosshairs.

Rebecca Forster

Hostile Witness: A prominent judge is brutally murdered and Josie Bates, once a hotshot attorney now living the quiet life, is the sixteen-year-old suspect's last hope for a defense.

Melissa F. Miller

Critical Vulnerability: Assistant U.S. Attorney Aroostine Higgins is prosecuting a major bribery trial, but the stakes are higher than she realizes: life and death.

Pamela Samuels Young

Buying Time: Federal prosecutor Angela Evans tries to thwart a scam against the terminally ill and is soon embroiled in a perilous web of greed, blackmail and murder.

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