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Issue #7 05/15/13

Tech In Ten / On The Road

We have been "On The Road", as they say, checking out how some of our teachers have been integrating technology into their classrooms. From Google Docs to Symbaloo, Educreations, Nanoogo, iPads , Apple TV, and even Twitter our teachers have been getting creative, making it interactive and helping students build those critical 21st century skills.

In this issue, you will see examples of technology integration from a Wyncote third grade teacher and challenge consultant, the Myers school counselor, the librarian from Cheltenham Elementary, a music instructor from Elkins Park, as well as a strategies teacher from Cedarbrook. It was great to see this in action and we thank those teachers for inviting us into their classrooms.

We also attended the annual technology expo at Villanova University. This year we heard keynote speaker David Pogue talk about new technology and the way it is changing everything. David is a technology columnist for The New York Times and host of NOVA Sciencenow. We loved his presentation so much, we included his video titled "10 Top Time Saving Tech Tips" below. You are guaranteed to learn something new.

First Stop.... Elementary Schools

Wyncote Elementary

Kristen Krause, Wyncote Elementary Challenge Consultant

Can you Nanoogo ??? Kristen can !

Nanoogo is an online platform for kids where they can creatively express their thoughts, showcase their fun projects, or share their dreams - freely and safely!

Nanoogo provides a way for students to share ideas with words, images, and color.

Kristen has used Nanoogo in her classroom as a tool to create and share research projects. She loves the ease in which the students can import pictures, videos and text and thinks it is great that they can share their work with each other and comment on their classmates projects

Check out this student research project on Shells.

Visit Nanoogo today !

Maria Hobson, Wyncote Elementary - 3rd grade Teacher

We've mentioned Symbaloo before. It is a great online tool that you can use to bookmark all of your websites. Maria uses it for Core Extension and all academic subjects. Recently she has been using it for their Social Studies unit on Native Americans. She supplements what she is teaching with images and videos from the web so that the history of the various tribes comes to life. The tiles are color coded by tribe. Maria says that using Symbaloo makes her life a whole lot easier! Check out Maria's Symbaloo here.

Cheltenham Elementary - Google Apps

Stephanie Jacobs, librarian at CE, has started using Google Docs with her fourth grade students to create presentations in connection with the research that the students completed in library.

Stephanie worked in conjunction with the classroom teachers to complete research on various topics based on the learning needs of the students, as well as topics that were covered on the science PSSA. The students created research questions, used print and electronic materials to find answers to those questions and are now creating presentations using Google Docs to share their information with their classmates.

Using Google Docs allows the students to be able access their presentations from any computer at the school as well as at home. It also provides them with a secure place to save their files and allows the teacher to monitor their progress, make suggestions and edit their presentations. The students are excited to be using this program and Stephanie has found it to be very user friendly.

Stephanie created a Google Presentation to use with the students on the basics of creating a Google Docs presentation. Click here to view her presentation.

Elkins Park Upper Elementary School

Michael Kwas is a music teacher at EP. The iPad and Apple TV have helped make his lessons come to life. Michael recently invited us to visit his class so we could see it all in action. We were very impressed with how smoothly everything worked. Here is how the class progressed.

  1. Attendance was taken with the Power Teacher app. Set up instructions here.
  2. Vocal warm up followed by a song about the Panama Canal. Visit a website using an iPad browser to show students how the canal works.
  3. Where is the Panama Canal ?...launch Google Earth to show students.
  4. Review and identify musical notes, use Notability App for demonstration.
  5. Hands on practice with our guitars using the Guitar Free app to guide us.
  6. Bell rings...we say "Great job Mr. Kwas!" and leave with video taken with our own iPads that we then turn into a movie trailer using the iMovie app.

View the movie trailer "Mr. Kwas' Musical iPad" from Rock Walker Productions below. Heads up, this is a You Tube video so unblock You Tube before you try to view it...we know everyone knows how to do this now! Click here if you need a refresher.

Mr. Kwas' Musical iPad

Cedarbrook Middle School

Who needs Khan Academy when there are bright students in Mr. Quenser's Math Strategies class! Sean Quenser is a teacher who loves your step when walking into his classroom, cables are everywhere! Sean's idea was to have his students create math tutorials that next year's students could watch to grasp new math concepts. Students were assigned 10 Study Island questions to explain solutions for. Sean asked us for some assistance and we suggested Educreations, and Google Drawing. We came to three of his classes and taught the students how to use the Google Drawing app to create the backdrop of their video. We showed them how to save the drawing as jpg files, upload them to Educreations and then record the audio instruction. We were impressed with how quickly the students started creating their visuals and we are looking forward to seeing some of the final products.

The Tech Savvy Counselor

Carli Segal Myers Elementary School

Carli recently founded #escchat on Twitter. These chats cover a variety of topics pertaining to Elementary School Counseling and education in general. Carli moderates these chats on a weekly basis. To see transcripts from past chats visit Carli's blog (yes she also writes a fabulous blog !!) - Carli Counsels.

In Carli's own words:

"It has been super fun bringing together counselors around the world to discuss school counseling related topics! Twitter chats are awesome-- free interactive PD in your PJs :) wish more Cheltenham folks were involved on Twitter!"

Follow Carli on Twitter @carlicounsels.

Time Saving Tips From New York Times Columnist David Pogue

David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips

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