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The Copeland PTO Newsletter

President's Corner by Cree Sanford

It is hard to believe how quickly this school year is passing! In the next newsletter, we will be publishing a list of open chairman positions for the 2017-2018 school year. Where do your interests lie? Think about it! If you already have something in mind, please let me know by email or phone. Copeland is very proud of their volunteers and all that they do! We are such a successful school because of our wonderful volunteers like YOU!!!

Our Copeland Colts are as busy as ever. The first graders will have a non-fiction book fair where they will showcase their creative non-fiction book reports, on February 28th. The district will also be hosting its annual fundraising vendor fair on the same date. In early March, our kinder cuties will get to enjoy an SRC demo of guinea pigs and our 3rd and 5th graders will visit Nature Trails. Our Colts are learning and leading and it is great to see!!

Thanks again for all that you do to make our school so fabulous! As always feel free to contact me anytime at

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PTO Executive Board

VIPS News by Molli Murray

Thank you to all the parents who donated items for our hospitality committee’s Kinder and 2nd Valentine's Day Teacher Appreciation event! We appreciate your support of our teachers and school. Also, thank you to the parent volunteers who helped out at the 2nd grade field trip!

There are still lots of events coming up for which we are going to need volunteers. Please keep an eye on your mailbox! There are still SRC demos, STAAR events, nature trails, and much more! If you want to volunteer, but aren’t sure where to start, please get in touch with me!

Don’t forget to log your hours!!

If you haven't registered before go to this link (takes about a week to get login):

And then this one to log:

If you have any questions or comments regarding our VIPS program or would like to volunteer, please contact me at 713-829-0638 or

This is the registration form you will be asked to fill out when you register.

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Volunteer of the month

Thank you Lindsay Augerinos for all your hard work!

Wanted: CFISD Talent to perform at the VIPS appreciation event.

Do you sing? Play in a band? Now is your chance to shine! Performers are need to entertain at the VIPS appreciation event in May. Check out the details on the form below.
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Spirit Shirts by Amanda Ball

Want to show that Copeland pride? There were a few extra spirit shirts & hoodies ordered so get your order in soon if you would like one. You can print the order forms here,

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Spirit Cart by Crystal Beard

I would like to thank all the Spirit Cart volunteers for February!!! You are all amazing, and your time is very appreciated!!! We couldn’t do it with out you!

Friday, March 10th is our next Spirit Cart day, if you are interested in volunteering the link for Signup Genius is down below!

Thank you!

Crystal Beard

Some of the items avalible for purchase on Spirit Cart days.

Yearbooks-by Cheri Villareal

If you have photos to submit for the yearbook, anytime throughout the year, upload them to the replayit app on your device. In school activities only please.
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Kroger Rewards Program

Did you know you can donate to Copeland just by doing your regular grocery shopping? It's a great program that donates money to the school for everything bought by participating Kroger Plus Card holders. See the flyer below for details.
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Cultural Arts by Karen Thomas

The 3rd graders have been enjoying their garden projects this school year as well as tasting the various vegetables they have been growing. All of this would not be possible without the donations we have received this year.

We would like to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to the following company and people who have generously donated item’s this year for the kid’s garden activities.

Bonnie Plants donated cabbage, tomato’s, and herbs

Lena Salih donated 100 bricks for the flower beds

Natalie Dupre donated 8 bales of hay for the kid’s upcoming garden project

We are truly grateful for your generosity to help the Copeland Garden be a success. I also want to give another big THANK YOU to Tracy Reynolds and Emily Bargas for all their hard work on taking care of the garden from watering it when needed, pulling weeds, and attending ever session of garden day to help the kids with the various activities. You name it they do it for the garden and without these two lovely ladies our garden would not thrive the way it does.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Science Resource Center by Selina Sauceda

Thank you to those who have given their time at training and demos. I appreciate all your support.

Here are some upcoming trainings and events. All trainings listed below are held at the SRC from 9:30-11:30. To RSVP for a training, please email me at

3rd Grade Training:

Amphibians: February 28, April 7

Snakes: March 8

3rd Grade Nature Trails Field Trip:

March 9th: Berry, Charlie, Bledsoe, Williams

March 10th: Cox, Barrett, Rebler, Schriever

4th Grade Training:

Galveston Bay Ecology: March 21

5th Grade Training:

CSI: March 31

5th Grade Nature Trails:

March 9th: Luce, Sharon, Reeder

March 10th: Koehn, Reeves, Featherstone

Selina Sauceda

Super Second Graders by Molli Murray

The kids had a great time on the field trip to Minute Maid Park!! It was extremely informative, and I think the kids and parents leaned a lot and got to see places most fans don’t get to experience. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who were able to come on the trip and chaperone. We were only able to allow one chaperone per class, so the teachers and chaperones were kept busy with all their charges!

Also, kindergarten and 2nd grade parents donated items so that the teachers could enjoy a wonderful Valentine’s treat! Although it corresponded with tornado warnings (Yikes!), our wonderful hospitality committee was able to pull it off. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Phenomenal 5th Graders

Hi everyone! Just a couple reminders for our 5th graders –

Nature Trails is on March 9th and 10th-– check with your homeroom coordinator or Selina Sauceda [] for more information or if you’re interested in volunteering.

May is going to be a super busy month for our 5th graders with field day, fun day, end-of year parties, and pool party. Keep watching for dates and times as we get closer. Thanks!

Don't Forget to Save Those Box Tops!

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