the lone star state

The Begining of Texas

Texas is the lone star state and it was made into statehood on december 29, 1845 and the capital is Austin.

State stuff

The Texas state bird is the northern mockingbird, the same as Florida! The state flower is the bluebonnet, sometimes bluebonnets make mutations that are white instead of blue! The Texas state tree is the pecan tree, did you know that you can make pecan pie out of pecans that fall from the tree?

Top 3 tourist attractions

3.Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens is a fun place with lots of wildlife and ocean life to see and watch Moody Gardens is located in galvaston island, Texas.


Seaworld has lots of sea life and has sea related attractions like rides, games and resteraunts.

1.Six Flags

Six Flags is a fun place with many rides, game boothes, and places to eat it, it also has a waterpark open in the summer! I recommend this place to you!

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3 Interesting facts

Did you know that 70% of Texas's population lives within 200 miles of the capital Austin, Texas? 10% of Texas is forest. The population of Texas is 26 million not including the livestock.
Austin Texas Tour - SXSW 2010 Edition
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