Choosing between the bottle or life

The Negative Affects of Alcohol

Impaired Jugment while driving and social situations

The negative affects of alcohol while driving are impaired judgment and not knowing whats in front of you. Also blurry vision and slower reflexes. Another negative affect is being at a show or concert or even party and not being aware of whats going on can cause you to be more unaware of the dangers that can be around you. Another big problem with alcohol abuse is that the person who is drinking besides hurting themselves also can lead to family and work problems. Work habits may suffer so poor job performance. Also family problems like arguments not being able to pay for bills or household responsibilities.All these things can all be avoided if people dont drink !!

Impaired Health

How Alcohol Affects the your Health

Alcohol abuse can cause many side affects on your body including brain damage and memory loss. Also cirrhosis of the liver and another major health issue is heart problems. eventually your organs can shut down and as a result of that ... death For women who are pregnant and drink .. fetal alcoholism is very dangerous to the developing fetus. The child can be born with low birth weight and other physical problems.

Andrew Salva

Health class Odd Day Period B . is a hollistic program to safetly and naturally work to stop alcohol addiction. with counseling and therapy you are on the road to recovery.