Shadowing My Mom


My mom works very hard to maintain my brother and I. Everyday she gets home all tired and sometimes can't cook. She wakes up early and comes back by 4 pm. Paying the rent is a huge difficulty for my mom to deal with. The money she earns sacrificing herself is not enough and by a lot. She still earns 800, but the rent is 1,045. My brother barely helps her with about 100 dollars because he works at Target and it isn't a big job. My aunt and uncle use to live with us and they paid with her which allowed her to have enough, but now their not here. She was longing to get her papers because she was told that a couple of months before my brother turned 21 he would be able to fix them for her, but they brought her hopes down when they told her he can't anymore. Her loyal said he can fix them, but she would have to go back to her country for 10 years, my brother would have to go to the army, or she would have to get married with an American. My mom said if she gets married she will ave to leave for 3 to 6 months, but I would have to go with her. I would go with her, but I don't want to miss school. She can't leave me with my brother because he is usually with his girlfriend and can't be responsible for me. Also, when she goes to work she struggles on finding someone to take me to school and bring me back. She tries to find someone because she doesn't want me to go walking alone with crazy people out there.


I can't make my mom's life easier, but trying won't hurt. I can help her with money, but not actually working because I'm too young. If I was able to work I would. My brother can only help her for now, but when I'm older I will help her and try to earn a lot of money so I can one day tell her she doesn't have to work anymore. Not buying a lot of clothes only if necessary would help her not get in debt which then she will have to pay off. Even though I don't see my dad as much since I was young I will call him if nesesary and tell him to give me money for my clothes and supplies so my mom won't have to use her money. There is nothing I can do about her immigration situation, but I still need to get good grades to show them that she has great children who are representing her. The going and coming back from school problem I can resolve by going with my friends walking or white one of my friend's mom in car.

Similar Struggles

Even though I don't have a job like my mom I also have to deal with school which is similar. I have to complete my homework as she pays off bills. School is similar to her job because I also have to work even though I don't actually get payed. We both have responsibilities to follow. For instance, have to get there on time and get the work done. Mine is worksheets and hers is cleaning. My mom has to worry about paying off the rent, electricity, and gas while I need to focus on doing work for 6 classes not including PE. She comes home more exhausted than me because her job is physically and mine is mentally.

What I Learned

During this experience I learned that grown ups/ parents work hard. They sacrifice theirselves to earn money. Like I once heard without sweat there is no money meaning money isn't a gift that you recieve. Children think money magically appears when the truth is that their parents work for it. Grown ups have to find a way to live and maintain theirselves and if they decide to have kids they have to earn money to maintain it, too. If a money tree existed people would just have to water it and let it grow without working. Unfortunately they don't, but imagine the world with it. While parents/ grown ups work for the money children are out spending it and enjoying life without caring how much their parents suffer for it. I learned that children don't understand that everytime they ask for something they are giving their parents debts to pay off which means more working. Now that I know this I'm going to help my mom out by not making her buy me clothes only of I really need it. I can't put all this pressure on her when she can barely afford the rent.