The End

Series of Unfortunate Events by: Teja

Period 2

Title: The end

Author: Daniel Handler( Lemony Snicket )

Number of pages: 324

Genre: Adventure

Lexile: 1320L


I think that the most changed person would be Count Olaf. He was the main villain but towards the end he had a change of heart. He was after the Blaudelaire children's fortune left by their parents so basically greed drove him. His character was a greedy, selfish, clever person. But towards the end, he realized that he wouldn't live because he released a poisonous mushroom. He no longer cared about the kids fortune and even helped then a little. Towards the end, he also became less selfish and greedy.

Minor character

Ishmael was a minor character but affected the story greatly by releasing the poisonous mushroom. He also introduced the children to their parents history before they were born. He influenced the kids greatly and changed the colonists opinions on things by putting a substance in their drinks that caused them not to think as much. In the beginning, he was just a leader and wasn't mentioned very much.

The ending

The ending was effective because the author left a lot of mysteries unsolved. He leaves a hint there might be more and leaves the reader hanging. An example of a mystery is what was the creature that killed the triplets? Why did Olaf turn out to be so different from what he seemed in the beginning?

I think that the author should continue the series and solve the unsolved mysteries that he left behind.