Team 13 News

September 4, 2015

We Survived!

Well, it was an interesting first week of school...and we all survived! Phew! What a hot one it was! I have been enjoying getting to know your children. I want to thank you for returning the needed paperwork this week. I have received most of it from you: the purple information sheet, the yellow emergency plan paper due back to the office, and the white peanut allergy letter signed and due back to the nurse. If you are in need of a second copy, please let me know.

Below you can see some student samples of a quick writing project the students did on the first day of school--they expressed some of their own "jitters" after reading our mentor text, First Day Jitters.

Everyday Math

We have launched in to our first unit, Routines, Review and Assessment. It is a lot like the title sounds. Students have been discussing number patterns, ways we use math in our everyday lives and will soon be collecting and publishing data. Below Gavin and Mackenzie are sharing the items they had to add to Our Numbers Museum.

Thank you for practicing the Study Island login at home. This will eventually become easier, as many of the students will remember their logins. I will be sending home a copy of all logins (including the Pearson Reading Street and Google accounts) once they have been assigned. I am hoping to have this process completed by the end of next week.

Beginning today, student will receive a weekly assignment on Study Island. Some weeks will it will be related to reading and language arts, and some weeks it will focus on math skills. Students will be allotted scheduled, rotating times in class to begin and possibly finish the assignments. If not, they will have the remainder of the week to complete it on their own at home. You will be able to see the assignment on your student's Study Island page. This week they will all take the math pretest, which will be completed in class.

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Dates To Remember

  • Natural Resource example from your yard due Tuesday 9/8
  • PE this week is Wednesday--remember sneakers
  • Math Toolkit coins due by 9/11 (asignment coming on Tuesday)
  • Scholastic Book orders due on/by Friday 9/11 (our lonline code is GPTL9)

Exploring Our Environments

In preparation for our Native American Unit on the Eastern Woodland Tribes, students explored their neighborhoods and our Seylar grounds. They located many useful natural resources. Over the weekend, students have been assigned the task of finding a natural resource in their yard that they can bring in to class. (Due Tuesday)

Students also explored their new classroom environment. They went on a scavenger hunt with a class partner. Their final task was to make a recommendation of something to add to the classroom to make it better. These are some of the suggestions I received: puppies, a free candy machine, and a trampoline. My personal favorite came from Joy, "an air-conditioner". :)

Have a safe, relaxing and hopefully cooler Labor Day Weekend!

Mrs. Benstead