my favorite things to watch

by joseph cates

Christopher Nolans the Dark night trilogy

These three very successfull superhero movies starred christian bale has taken on the role of the powerful billonairebruce wayne and his secret identity as batman the dark night of Gotham City

Marvel The Avengers Assemble 2012

the avengers is by far the top superhero movie i have ever seenthe movie stars robert downey jr as the invicible iron man and billonaire tony stark its also stars chris evans as super soldier captain america aka steve rogers it also starred chris hemsworthAs the . God of thunder Thor and it also starred Samuel l Jackson as nick. Fury the head Of the cool superhero agency. Know as Shield and the villain. Of the movie Loki the god mischief and the brother of Thor is played by Tom hiddleston and the blue cosmic magic cube is called the tessseract which is a powerful source gamma radition engery