Media Center Updates for Families

March 21st Edition

Class Schedule

I'll be out of the building on Tuesday for a district meeting with Dr. Wirt and others.

I'm going to work on teaching the students power searches in Destiny so that they can access the ebook collection and other nonfiction resources.

The younger students will be provided with time to complete their required time on iStation in addition to library checkout.

Mrs. Ward is moving down to the media center on Wednesday afternoon next week. To help with that effort, I'll be taking the 3rd and 4th grade classes into the computer lab to work on Destiny power searches from there.


Our top five classes for circulation for this week are the Wildcats, the Elephants, the Blue Lobsters, the Penguins, and the Makos! The Kindergarten class with the highest number of books checked out this week were the Watermelons!

Book circulations for February were 2,437, which is about 4 books per student. For March, we are already at 1,924 with another five days to go. During the last week (Friday through Thursday), we have circulated 885 books. The circulation numbers for the same week last year was 414, so I've seen a huge jump in the number of books coming in and out.

Self-Checkout and Flex Time

Since the schedule change, our circulations have been increasing each week. Based on previous weeks, I'm confident that our circulations this week will be closer to 1,000 books, which is great news! The downside to this large number is the problem of organization and shelving. Keeping the library organized given this high volume of library books compared to previous years has been a challenge. I've been making some changes to the shelving system to make it easier to keep up. Another change that I've needed to make is to temporarily discontinue flex time in the mornings. I know that this can be disappointing for students, and I completely agree; however, the change in the library schedule to a fulled fixed one for the remainder of the year was the best option available to us given the changes the district office has implemented to improve technology integration for our students. I'm continuing to work on possible solutions to organization and shelving, and if I can find one that is sustainable and ensures that all students have easy access to the books that they are looking, I will bring flex time back.

I appreciate your patience as I work through these new challenges!

New Books

Book Requests

Overdue Notices

I'll be sending home overdue notices the second week in April. If you would rather receive these notices by email, please fill out the form below. I can also send you this weekly newsletter if you'd like. Thanks!