Whats inside a computer? - 7B

By Takis Dimitrakopoulos - Alanis Dimis

CPU - Central processing unit

A CPU (Central Process Unit) also referred as the central processor or as the processor works as the 'brain' of the computer. It handles information given by the types. In terms of computing capability and power the CPU is the most important element of a computer.

RAM - Random Access Memroy

The Ram a.k.a The Random Access Memory is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly, this means that any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the preceding bites. The Ram is used in a commuters and printers to quickly access a document or device setting.

CPU Fan (cooler)

A Cpu conducts a lot of heat therefore a Cpu fan - cooler is inserted inside the cabinet. It makes sure the temperature inside the cabinet is normal so that the computer can operate correctly.


The Northbridge is one of the two chips found in a computer that connect to the CPU. It controls the functions of a chip set with the Southbridge. The Northbridge can consist of more than one discrete chip while the Southbridge has typically on discrete chip.

PCI Slot

A PCI slot is a modem that blugs into the PCI bus (plugs) and is controlled by the by a device driver. It is an opnenig in the computer into the circuit board and can be inserted to add new capabilities to the computer.


The Southbridge is one of the two chips that are connected to teh CPU. The southbridge is specialized to control adapters such as USB, Audio Jack ans DVI Port connectors. The southbridge with the northbridge play quite of a vital role for the comoputers opertaions.