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Reminder: Upcoming Webinars in March!


Lightning Webinar: Films On Demand: What’s in It for You and Your Students
- Friday, Mar. 18, 2016 (1:00-1:20 PM MT)

Presenter: Brittany Dudek

Curious about our extensive streaming-video database Films On Demand? Come to this 20-minute demonstration with our Instructional Online Librarian, Brittany Dudek, and leave understanding more about the database, as well as how and why you and your students might use it.

(*This webinar was formerly scheduled as "CCCOnline CONNECT Session: Maximizing Films on Demand to Teach and Assess Information and Technology")

Dealing with Student Conflict - Thursday, Mar. 24, 2016 (1:00-2:00 PM MT)
Presenter: John Schmahl

This session will explore issues that come up in class when dealing with student conflict. We’ll look at what types of behavior can be disruptive, and we’ll explore different techniques to defuse situations and keep learning on track. We’ll also look at the student discipline process and how you can assist in the process.

You may register at the Training and Professional Development Database and find registration details and instructions on the Registration Process page.

Martian Madness: Games and Simulation Network Event!

A special invitation from our Associate Dean of Career & Technical Education Chris Luchs:

Hello Everyone,

I would like to invite you to participate in a free online ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Games and Simulations Network event, Martian Madness. So, how could you use a problem based discussion like this in your course?

… mostly I spend my time thinking about getting to Ares 4. I’ll have to do it someday. How … am I going to survive a 3200-kilometer trip in this thing? It’ll probably take fifty days. I’ll need the water reclaimer and the oxygenator, maybe some of the Hab’s main batteries, then a bunch more solar cells to charge everything… Where will I put it all? These thoughts pester me throughout the long, boring days.

Our book club is taking a look at epistemic frames and problem based learning, so we picked both a game to play and a book to read during the month of March that lends itself to many disciplines. More information here.

GAME: Lifeline by 3 Minute Games available on Apple and Android

Read Boing Boing Review

BOOK: The Martian by Andrew Weir

Listen to NPR’s "Martian Started as A Self-Published Book"

Feel free to share your thoughts or anything related or tangential in the Metagame Book Club. Let us know if you find any articles on interactive fiction, NASA, STEM, coding, CTE or the Maker Movement. For social media use the hashtag #metagame or #gbl (game based learning).

We’ll do a Game of the Month and a Book of the Month wrap-up on Wednesday, March 30 at 8 pm ET on Google Hangout.

One of our special guests will be Dr. Monica Geist, math faculty and assessment specialist! We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to incorporate the game and/or book in your course.

Thank you!

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Yes: You May Cancel Your Own Registration for Our Webinars & Workshops

Did you register for one of our webinars or workshops, but now can't attend? You have the authority to cancel your own registrations, thus instantly updating your PD records.

How to Cancel a Registration:

  • Once you are logged in to the Training and Professional Development Database, select “Register for Upcoming Events and Opportunities” and you will see the list of upcoming webinar and workshop sessions.
  • Next to sessions you have already registered for, you will see a “Details / Cancel” link. Click this link.
  • On the next page, click the “Cancel” button to cancel your registration.

Knowledgebase: Did You Know?

Did you know CCCOnline has a fabulous website, designed for our instructors, with lots of technical information and tutorials on D2L/Brightspace, digital content, email, the Portal, and more? Check it out!

TurnItIn Questions? We Have Answers!

Please refer to these Knowledgebase articles, as needed, for TurnItIn inquiries:

Turnitin (TII) FAQs

Enable Turnitin on a Dropbox Folder

Free Webinars on Accessibility

The Great Lakes ADA Center offers free webinars on accessibility-related topics, including accessible technology. You may browse their schedule of upcoming sessions and their archives.

Are you interested in a sneak peek into how the new access to library databases will work?

Here are just a FEW of the library databases you can access directly! Just click a link below and enter your S# to login. Please send feedback on this new access to Brittany Dudek, Librarian.

Academic Search Complete
Literary Reference Center Plus
Science Reference Center
US History in Context
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
Films on Demand
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Humor in Your Courses

In a recent article, authors Alan Seidman and Stephen C. Brown focus on the role humor can play in a college course, particularly as it relates to adult learners who might need all the encouragement possible to continue attending a course. The authors begin by referring to several studies which have demonstrated that humor in a course has been shown to have a positive effect (retention of material, stronger classroom evaluations, building of trust, reduction of course anxiety, etc).

After discussing many corny old jokes which could be modified to present a more thoughtful punchline, Seidman and Brown then discuss three specific categories of humor which they believe can be adapted successfully in a college course: brain teasers; outdated or bizarre laws, and riddles and puns. Here is one example: Tom's mother had three children. One was called April, one was called May. What was the other one called? An immediate answer is June, but the correct answer is Tom, since he was one of the three children. The authors suggest that a riddle of this type could be used to begin a class, and to get students to think, with humor. Keeping a course fresh can certainly include the use of humor!

Seidman, Alan, and Stephen C. Brown. "Laugh and learn." Adult Learning 27.1 (2016): 41+. Academic Search Complete. Web. 16 Feb. 2016. URL

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