PHES Green Team News

November/December 2015


Thank you for all your efforts recycling using the new classroom bins! The children helping are doing a wonderful job and are excited about the amount we are recycling!

Thank you also for putting any markers or k-cups in the bin of our staff lounge as well. We appreciate all your efforts!

THANK YOU as well to our local community partnership with a Girl Scout troop that has chosen to clean up trash around our school already and has several other terrific ideas planned throughout the school year to help beautify our grounds.

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little-- DO WHAT YOU CAN!" --Sydney Smith

NEW Projects!!!

In December, we will begin to recycle in the cafeteria. We are going to begin small--just with empty "Lunchable" containers. We will have students help Mr. Jordan recycle these each day to increase our student involvement.

In January, keep an ear out for more information related to a student group forming that will be able to discuss their thoughts about "Going Green" and make some crafts.

In April as part of our PBIS celebration each grade level will be creating a craft of reusing a material (example: cereal box puzzles). Be thinking about some ideas so after winter break we can create a list of materials we will need to collect before then.

PHES Green Team Members

Laurie McGrath: Green Team Leader

Scott Szczerbiak: PHES Principal

Amy Kodluboy: ECE Team Representative

Amy Powell: First Grade Representative

Lindsey Wright: Second Grade Representative

Bert Hindman: Third Grade Representative

Natalie Ulrick: Fourth Grade Representative

Marisa Steiger: Fifth Grade Representative