The Grillo Gazette

April 2015

Motion & Design

Scientists began their next unit, motion and design. We discovered who Isaac Newton was, and began exploring his three laws of motion. Throughout the unit students will be working in groups to build model vehicles using “Kinnects”. Their first challenge was to build a vehicle in 20 minutes or less that will move at least 100cm (39 inches). Engineers also constructed a vehicle by following a two-view technical drawing. They identified details that are important in technical drawings and compared their own vehicle drawings with a technical drawing.

Engineers now use science and math to plan, design, and construct products. They recognize the importance of sketching their plans before they build and making detailed records of their products after building them; either by drawing them or using computer graphics so the products can be studied and improved.

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Mathematicians began exploring reflections of two-dimensional figures. Using transparent mirrors, we identified lines of reflection, symmetric figures and congruent polygons. 4G explored the connection between reflection and line symmetry. We found lines of symmetry in pictures and challenged ourselves to determine symmetric lines in polygons.

Writers Workshop

Authors are brushing up on personal narrative writing skills. We learned two strategies to generate ideas and brainstorm. First, we used bulleted lists to highlight special people in our lives, and secondly made lists of special places. Our goal is to incorporate sensory details within our writing and draft strong paragraphs with action, dialogue and thoughts and feelings.


Economists reviewed the relationship between supply and demand within a market. As business owners, we discussed best case situations and how the perfect balance is needed for profit.

Readers Workshop

Lights, camera, action! Actors developed their fluency, expression, vocabulary and voice inflection by performing a readers theater play. Class favorites such as, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, First Stop: Ellis Island, The B.F.G., My Rotten, Redheaded Older Brother and Helen Keller were adapted into brief skits. Students performed for our 2nd grade buddies!

Up & Coming

4/21 Dine out for Tatem

Be on the lookout for a mystery guest...

4/22 Earth Day Trip

Please make sure your child wears comfortable shoes & has packed a "trash free" lunch

4/25 Tatem Fair

Ms. Grillo will be painting nails from 12:00-1:00