Welcome to Fifth Grade!

You'll have the best time this year in Room 20!

Ms. Heistand, Your New and Awesome Teacher!

5th grade has the best teachers. Your teacher will be Ms. Heistand, a charismatic woman, who's great at technology. She teaches every subject equally well! Because of Ms. Heistand's awesomeness, you'll do so many amazing projects. She'll help you be successful in sixth grade and beyond.

Follow the Fifth Grade Expectations!

The fifth grade expectations are pretty much the same as fourth grade. Respect the teacher, listen, don't talk too much, finish work on time, be safe and responsible, etc. As long as you try your best and work hard, Ms. Heistand will love you. There will be some new math and writing concepts, but with Ms. Heistand's amazing teaching, you'll quickly get it.

What You'll do in Fifth Grade!



Like fourth grade, there will be written and oral reports. One exciting project is the PBL projects. For us, there was a survival project and a traveling project. You'll be put into groups based on what you want to learn about, and you might change classes to work on it, which will get you into practice for middle school. You will also have the biography report, where you'll pick a famous historical person to write a report on. Then, you will do an oral report about that person and dress up as your person.

Marina Heistand, Your Teacher

Ms. Heistand is a great woman who will teach you in the best way possible. She has just had a baby boy! Ms. Heistand also enjoys running, purple, potatoes, reading, and more.