It's Fiji, why not visit?


Located in Oceania north of New Zealand and east of Australia.


Fiji has a very wet summer season from December to April and a dry winter season from May to November.

Climate Type

The climate in Fiji is tropical marine.

Physical Features

You can find several magnificent features in Fiji, including Mount Victoria and the Barrier Reef.


There are three main languages spoken in Fiji: English, Fiji Hindi, and Fijian.


In Fiji, cooked food is served on a tablecloth spread on the floor. Also, the evening meal is not permitted to start without the male head of the household being present at the table. Men are served their meals before any of the women and they get the best and biggest portions available. Women's roles in society are relatively small; they are expected to be an obedient housewife who's job is to raise the children.


It is considered extremely rude to point a finger at someone who is older or of higher rank than you. It is also considered a taboo to shout or make loud noises in the villages.


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Two subcultures in Fiji include religious groups (including Christianity, Hinduism and Islam) and firewalkers from the Sawau tribe.

Evidence of Culture Change

Fijian girls have developed the primarily Western belief that their bodies are imperfect and need to be changed and improved. Many have developed eating disorders.