Team Hill Update

DFES Title One, April 23, 2015

ACT Aspire Testing April 28-30

Next week your child will take the four ACT Aspire tests over the course of 3 days. These tests are timed, unlike almost all tests the children have taken previously. Students have been working on writing within a 30 minute block of time and trying to get familiar with bubbling in answers on an answer key. These tests do not assess all of what makes each child special and unique. I have every faith in these boys and girls and their abilities to think, share, write, and learn. These tests only look at a small fraction of what makes up each student. Unfortunately, they do not take into account the joy a student experiences when they have mastered fractions or discovered how to light a bulb with just a battery and a wire. No test can measure the connections students have made to being aware of opportunities for learning and all the times we say, " I wonder why.....?" as we continue to grow and learn. No test will measure the strides students have made working with others and learning how to be an empathetic friend to someone who was feeling left out. The scores from these tests will tell you some things, but not everything that makes your son or daughter a valued, loved and talented child.

Here is the schedule for testing next week. Please be sure that your child has a nutritious breakfast and a good nights rest prior to each day's testing. Testing will begin at 8:15 am, so please be sure that your student arrives to school on time each day:)

Tuesday, April 28 Writing and Grammar

Wednesday, April 29 Reading

Thursday, April 30 Math

Friday, May 1, we will celebrate the completion of round 1 of testing with a special "Science Day" filled with engaging investigations.

May 7, Thursday, PASS Science

May 8, Friday, PASS Social Studies

Field Trips Galore!

May 12, Tuesday - We will be going to Saluda Shoals. Look for permission slips coming home soon. We will leave school at 9 am and return by 2pm.

May 15, Friday- We have been invited to a special screening of Flight of the Butterflies at Irmo High School. We have a connection to this film with our investment in our very own butterfly garden here at DFES. Check the link below.

Ice cream in the cafeteria

We are having several students purchase several ice cream treats at a time at lunch. Many are not eating their lunch and are also unable to consume large amounts of ice cream as well. To ensure that each child receives the nourishment that they need, we have a policy that limits ice cream purchases to 1 per day. Hopefully this will lead to less waste in the cafeteria and less upset stomachs.