Artist Profile: Ryan Woodward

Animator, Storyboard Artist

What could be better than working on major motion pictures?

Avengers? Spiderman? Thor? Captain America? Cool! Ryan Woodward has worked as a storyboard artist for all of these films, plus many more. When I watch these films, I often wonder how exciting it would be to contribute to something so fascinating and imaginative.

In "The Making Of, Thought of You," Ryan explains how he started to think of other projects he could work on -- some that were quite different than the storyboard work he was used to.

The Making of, Thought of You

Turning Point

While listening to "The World Spins Madly On" by the Weepies, Ryan began to connect with the lyrics in a way that allowed him to develop imagery for a new project, "Thought of You".
Thought of You - by Ryan Woodward

For my students:

Think about your experience with drawing: gesture drawing and figure studies. How can you use this experience to appreciate Ryan's work? What skills does he use to help him create his imagery?

Take the time to look at Ryan's website. Look at each of the tabs & explore all of his work. Select your favourite piece and prepare a response. We will use the critical analysis process to structure these responses:

Begin with your initial reaction.

  • What does the artwork remind you of?
  • What questions do you have? Does anything puzzle you?
  • What do you notice?
  • What materials and/or techniques does the artist use?

Next, start to analyze and interpret his work.

  • What elements of design do you see? (line, shape, space, colour, value, texture, form)
  • How does Ryan use certain elements in his work? (try to be as specific as possible by providing a detailed description)
  • Would you say that his work can be interpreted? What meaning or message has been developed? What is the artist trying to say by making his drawing/animation? Explain your thinking.

Helpful Terms

If you choose to respond to "Thought of You", here are some terms that you could use in your response. If you are unsure of their meaning, look up their meaning to help you understand the video a bit more.

  • gesture drawing
  • animate, animation
  • choreographer, choreography
  • contemporary
  • frames per second
  • symbolism
  • storyboard

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