The tragedy Death of a Salesman tells the story of Willy Loman (whom I already mentioned on page 5) and his downward spiral in the business world. In a nutshell, Willy Loman just lost his footing, and I can tell you how to not be a Willy Loman.


While Willy Loman might have been a man of the 1940's, his unfortunate and tragic downward fall can still be evident in today's society. Loman's unfortunate fate could be misconceived. If you've ever read Death of a Salesman, you know that Loman was somewhat of a madman: suicidal, violent, and controlling. And you may say to yourself that you are nothing like that, but you and Willy Loman have and had the same interest-- to be successful.


Do not be overwhelming. In several scenes of Death of a Salesman, readers could infer the way that Loman acted in a work place was not appropriate. To put it simply, he yelled at his boss, and then begged to keep his job. "What?" you ask, "he yelled at his boss? Only a loon would do that," call him Loon-Loman because that's what he was.


Be supportive of everyone. Willy Loman often appeared as if he favored only one of his sons, constantly supporting one over the other. This doesn't quite fly in the workforce. You must at least make an effort to favor 99.9% of your coworkers. If you have that one coworker you don't get along with, that's fine, people have their differences. But if you are the person in the office that doesn't get along with anyone, this may come off as immature and could give your boss a reason to cut you off.


Give work your all. Try not to slack off of the opportunities that your work gives you. While in the moment the trip you have to take to make a business meeting might seem obnoxious, it could get you bonus points at work. When Willy Loman went into talk to his boss at work about not being able to make a business trip, he was fired. Not for this reason, but for another, and maybe Loman's slacking off of the business trip just sent his boss over the edge. You were hired at this workforce for a reason, so don't give them a reason to get rid of you.