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January 31, 2022

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A Message from Mrs. Johnson

Dear Glengary Families,

Our Gators have had a great January but we are ready to welcome the month of February! This is the perfect month to focus in on the character strengths of love and kindness! I will be challenging students to think about ways they can spread joy, kindness and love to those around them! Thanks for your continued partnership and fostering conversations at home about how to use our characters strengths to show that Other People Matter.

As always, the Glengary Staff is here to support you. Should you have questions or if concerns arise, please reach out to your child's teacher or myself and we will work together to find a solution. I can be reached at or at 248-956-3100.

Here's to a GREAT week ahead!


Important Dates


1/31-2/11:Glengary Read-a-Thon (Info Below)

1/31-Virtual March is Reading Month Planning Meeting


2/1: PTA Meeting (Virtual see link below)

2/2: Two's Day (Dress as a twin)

2/3: Board of Education Meeting 7:00 PM

2/6: School of Choice Window closes

2/7-PTA Steam Night Planning Meeting -TBA time (Virtual or in-person)

2/7- WIDA Test Window Opens (Closes March 25)

2/9: Student Count Day

2/11: i-Ready Diagnostic 2 Window Closes

2/14-2/20: i-Ready Dash Challenge

2/14-red/pink/white/heart/love spirit day

2/16: Wellness Wednesday (Link Below)

2/21-2/25: Mid-Winter Break

Positivity Project

Positivity Project

This week the P2 Calendar shows a makeup/wildcard week (Jan 30-Feb 5). Since we will miss Cheering Others' Success during the week of mid-winter break, many teachers plan to cover this important component of the Other People Matter Mindset this week.

Next week (Feb 6-12) the character strength of focus will be Humility.

Please take a look at the links below for each strength as they will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to partner in this important work. The resources in the links below were created to help parents reinforce this important learning at home. Thank you!

21-22 P2 Calendar

Consider printing the calendar to help keep track of the character strengths we will learn each week!

Building the Other People Matter Mindset: Cheering Others' Success

It is important to cheer others on and be supportive! Here are some other ways you can lend some cheer to others:

  • Attend an event and cheer on the players and/or performers. Perhaps you can even have your kiddos make a sign to add a bit of spirit.

  • Send notes or letters to people that have achieved success and congratulate them.

  • Each family member can set a goal for the week and during a dinner, you can celebrate the goals that have been met.

  • Research different awards that are given out, whether it be the Nobel Prize, the Caldecott, ESPN Athlete of the Year, etc. and have your child write a letter of congratulations to them.

Humility Parent Links Below

COVID/Health Updates

Illness/Communicable Diseases

While COVID has become such a prevalent part of our day-to-day, we know that many other communicable diseases exist and can spread in our schools quickly if not addressed properly. We make every effort to keep communicable diseases out of our school. Please help us by keeping your child home when the following symptoms appear: coughing, fever, sore throat, sores, chills, runny nose, ear and/or eye discharge, rash, upset stomach, and swollen glands. We ask that your child be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Communicable diseases that result in exclusion from school are: Step Throat, German Measles, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Scarlet Fever, Scabies, Pediculosis (Head Lice), Pink Eye, Impetigo, and Ringworm. Please contact your doctor for evaluation, treatment, and to determine if your child is ready to return to school.

Updated COVID Guidance

Earlier this month, Walled Lake Schools adjusted quarantine/isolation timelines in alignment with recent guidance from the CDC, MDHHS, and OCHD. New timelines allow individuals who test positive to return to school after a five-day quarantine if asymptomatic or symptoms are improving. Individuals must also be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications. If more time is needed, parents and caregivers should have their child stay home from school for additional days.

The OCHD has provided additional guidance related to students returning to school during days 6-10. As stated in a recent district update which is linked below, additional protocols are needed to be in compliance with the OCHD guidance:

● Per the OCHD, students or staff must have consistent mask usage around others if returning to school on Days 6-10. If the returning student either has had, or is having, a challenge properly wearing a mask, they must stay home for the entire 10 days.

● At snack time in the classroom when masks are removed, the returning student(s) should be socially distanced from the other students in class whenever possible. When feasible, teachers will have students spread out to provide more spacing in the classroom during snack.

● As stated in the recent district email and in compliance with OCHD guidance, students who are returning on days 6-10 should be socially distanced from the other students to the best of our ability at lunchtime when masks are removed. At Glengary Elementary, we will be using our “overflow” (or extra) tables in the cafeteria to allow students who are returning on days 6-10 to be futher spread out from others.

Mask Expectations

In accordance with the OCHD, this is a reminder that masks are required for staff and students on the bus and when in the school building unless the individual is actively drinking or eating. Students are not required to wear when they are outside of the building for recess. Please send your child with additional masks in the event that they need a replacement throughout the day. Please also remind students that wearing their mask properly while at school is critical. If a student refuses to wear their mask (and they do not have an approved mask waiver), and/or they need several reminders to wear their mask properly, you may be contacted by the classroom teacher and/or building principal. Additionally, per the updated guidance from the Oakland County Health Department, please note that students who become COVID positive and do not wear their mask properly will be issued a 10 day quarantine rather than a 5 day quarantine.

COVID Screener

Below is a graphic that was created to help families determine if your child has symptoms that are suggestive of COVID. Additionally, the graphic includes the 3 options for returning to school in the event that your child is suggestive of COVID. I encourage you to print and hang this on your fridge as a quick guide for assessing your child's symptoms and appropriate next steps!

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New Information

Read-a-thon now through February 11th

The Read -a-Thon officially kicks off today! Your child brought home registration information on Friday - but it is not too late to register! Follow this link and simple instructions to help your child raise money for Glengary! Share their link via text, email or on social media and log your child's reading minutes! The Read - a - thon runs through February 11th!

Please click on the link below to sign up!

22-23 WLCSD Calendar

We are pleased to share with you that the 2022-23 school year calendar has been finalized! We know what an important resource this tool is for our families and we are pleased to share this with you in advance. This calendar reflects important dates such as the first day of school, half days, school breaks and more.

2-2-22...Let's Have Some Fun

Let's have some fun celebrating 2 Day on 2-2-22. Students are encouraged to dress like a friend (twin)! If your child does not have someone to match, many staff members will be wearing jeans/blue pants and a white shirt so it will be easy to twin with Mrs. Johnson and several other staff members!
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Valentine's Day Celebrations

Due to the increased number of COVID cases within our school and community and in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID we will not be having Valentine's Day parties with parent guests/volunteers. Teachers are committed to making the day special for students and will be organizing celebrations within their classrooms. There are no restrictions on Valentine Cards or boxes. Students are welcome to bring them from home. Look for additional information regarding how this is being organized from your child's classroom teacher. Staff and students are invited and encouraged to wear red/pink/white/heart/love for this special Valentines spirit day! Thank you for your understanding!

Seeking Donations for Winter Gear

Glengary is seeking donations for winter gear! Gloves (not knit as they get wet and make the hands colder), hats, boots (all sizes), snow pants, etc. We have students without winter gear and would like to always have items accessible so that ALL students are able to play outside with their peers in weather appropriate attire. Please send any donations to the front office. Thank you!

Reminder: Dress for the Weather

Please make sure your child has an appropriate coat for the weather. It is ESSENTIAL that students have boots, snow pants, and gloves/mittens!

If you need help providing winter wear for your child, please reach out to me and we will help you! We want all of our Gators to have the items that they need!

Bus 164 Cancelled @ Glengary: January 31-February 4

Please note that bus #164 will be cancelled at GLE this week, Jan 31-Feb 4.


As you know, we are experiencing a temporary postponement of several bus routes within the Walled Lake School District. This week, bus #164 was impacted, requiring parents to drive students to school. Please know that I understand how highly frustrating this is as it has required parents have had to adjust schedules, make carpool arrangements, and wait in unusually long lines for arrival and dismissal.

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience, flexibility and grace. I kindly ask that you continue to follow the recommendations below in an effort to ensure as smooth as a process as possible.

  • We know that there will be increased traffic but please do not block driveways. These must remain unblocked so residents can access their homes.
  • Please be conscious of your activity in the line and do your best to remain distraction free to ensure a consistent flow of traffic.
  • Please remember to remain in your vehicle and pull forward to the cone. For drop-off, a student safety will open your passenger door. If your child is capable of opening the door independently, they do not have to wait for a safety to open the door. This will help expedite the process. For Pick-Up, an adult will release your student to your vehicle and a student safety will open the passenger door. If you need to assist your student with buckling, please pull into a parking space. We cannot have adults exit their vehicles while in the line or a traffic back-up will ensue.

Friendly reminder that drop-off begins at 8:50 AM. We will have staff positioned outside for drop-off until 9:10 AM as we know there will be increased traffic. Pick-up begins at 3:45 PM and we will plan to have all cars cleared out by 4:05 PM.

***If your child is going home with someone who is not the parent, please send an email to the classroom teacher and CC Melissa Roth ( and Cheryl Maten ( If there is any way to give this person your Apple Pick-Up Sign on the day that they are picking up, this would be extremely helpful to our team.

Linked HERE you will find the Arrival/Dismissal Procedures from the start of the year.

I understand how problematic and frustrating this is for our families. Thank you for your flexibility, patience and grace. We will continue to work together to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Glengary Yearbook Entries

Glengary 5th graders used the character strength of creativity and produced several AMAZING entries for the front and back cover of the yearbook. Congrats to Kate Fowler whose design was chosen for the front cover and Dominic Dadu, whose design was chosen for the back cover of the 21-22 yearbook! So many of the entries were top notch and we felt they should be shared with the Glengary community (pictured below). Enjoy! Congrats to all of our fantastic artists!

Front Cover by Kate Fowler

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Back Cover by Dominic Dadu

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Tuition Expedition 50/50 Scholarship Raffle

Chance to win BIG & Support for OUR classrooms!

Someone will win BIG! It could be you! Purchase your Tuition Expedition 50/50 Scholarship Raffle tickets today! The raffle is hosted by the Foundation for Excellence-Walled Lake Schools and proceeds are channeled into the WL District’s classrooms, including ours, through the Foundation’s annual grant program (see list of grant awards per school). Tickets are $35 each (service fee included). Only a 1,000 tickets are available for sale! Grand prize winner will receive scholarship funds for postsecondary education (40% lump sum option available instead of scholarship). Plus, ticket purchasers have the chance to win a FREE raffle ticket courtesy of the WL Schools Federal Credit Union (raffle’s sponsor) and the opportunity to win secondary prize; Samsung Buds Galaxy Pro with water resistant cover donated by the Foundation. Grand and secondary prize drawings are set for March 21, 2022 at District’s Reflections Celebration; need not be present to win. Visit the Foundation’s Tuition Expedition Raffle website for details and to purchase tickets or contact the Foundation: Phone 248. 956.2116 | Email MI Raffle License# R62313)

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School of Choice Window Closes February 6

The 2022-23 Schools of Choice application window is now OPEN! (January 17-February 6)

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools is a participant in Schools of Choice 105 on a limited basis – meaning that not all buildings or grade levels will have openings. Under Schools of Choice 105, we may enroll students who are not residents of our district but still reside in one of the other 27 Oakland County school districts who meet application guidelines. The application period for the 2022-2023 school year will be January 17, 2022 thru February 6, 2022. By law, applications cannot be accepted before January 17 or after February 6.

Visit for application resources and apply TODAY. We look forward to having you join our Walled Lake family!

Contact our Enrollment Office at 248-956-2086 for more information!

Glengary PTA Information

March is Reading Month Meeting Tonight 1/31 (Zoom)

The March Is Reading Month parent committee meets virtually tonight (1/31) at 6:45pm! Use this zoom link to join us as we come up with enticing ways to get our kids excited about reading!

March is Reading Month Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 716 2159 4430 Passcode: 83BgSe

Virtual PTA Meeting Tuesday 2/1 at 6:30

The February PTA meeting will take place Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:30 via Zoom. Simply click on the zoom link below to join!

PTA Meeting Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 736 0784 5386 Passcode: 5S7bPX

Read-a-thon now through 2/11

The Read -a-Thon officially kicks off today! Your child brought home registration information on Friday - but it is not too late to register! Follow this link and simple instructions to help your child raise money for Glengary! Share their link via text, email or on socials and log your child's reading minutes! The Read - a - thon runs through February 11th!

Please click on the link below to sign up!

Yearbook Pictures (Read-a-thon and other pictures)

Please Remember to take pictures of your kids getting in their reading minutes for our yearbook!

Additionally, the Yearbook Committee is pulling pictures out of parent and teacher emails to assemble this year's memories!!! Don't leave yours out!! If you have pictures you would like considered, send all pictures to and label them in the subject line! We would love to capture these moments this year.

Steam Night Planning Meeting Feb. 7th

STEAM Night is coming in May but we need to start planning now! Mark your calendar for February 7th (TBD virtual or in person)

Reoccuring Links

Walled Lake District Update

Please click on the button below for the Walled Lake District Update.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Our district maintains a COVID-19 Dashboard which is updated throughout the week. The dashboard is currently linked on our district website and has also been included in recent district updates. Per district protocols, we continue to report all COVID-19 positive cases to the Oakland County Health Division (OCHD). Our district will continue to monitor both building and classroom numbers. Parents can also refer to the district’s FAQ document.
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Community Education Classes offered through WLCSD

Check out the link below for a variety of Community Ed classes that are offered through WLCSD.

Previously Shared Information

Kindergarten 2022-23 School Year

It's that time of year where Glengary begins gathering the names of our incoming Kindergarten students. If you have a student that will begin Kindergarten during the 22/23 school year, please call Glengary Elementary at 248-956-3100 to share the name of your child with our office staff. More information can be found here:

Mark your calendars-Kindergarten Orientation will occur on March 14, 2022

COVID Reporting

This is a friendly reminder that positive COVID cases of students and household members should be reported to office staff as soon as possible so we can complete our necessary protocols.

To report positive COVID cases parents should email the following office staff:

RosaLeigh Johnson:

Cheryl Maten:

Melissa Roth:

In the email, please include the following information:

Your child's name

Your child's grade

Your child's teacher

Your name

Your contact phone number

The date of symptom onset

The date of exposure (if known)

The date your child was tested

Type of testing (Rapid at Home, Rapid in Facility, or PCR in Facility)

Name and location of the testing facility

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Now Hiring Bus Drivers: Call 248-956-3090 or visit

African American Read-in (Free registration & book)

Oakland Schools is proud to host author Andrea Davis Pinkney and illustrator/author Brian Pinkney as our guests for this year's African American Read-In on Tuesday February 15th. These award winning authors have a vast collection of books for readers of all ages. The first 500 Oakland County students who register will receive one of the Pinkney's books.
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Library Cards for Students

In a partnership between Walled Lake Consolidated School District and the Wixom, Walled Lake and Commerce Township Libraries, we are pleased to announce to residents of Wixom, Walled Lake, Wolverine Lake and Commerce Township that registering your student up for a Library Card is even easier! To sign up your student, simply complete and submit the online registration form found here: Submit the online form no later than Friday, March 18, 2022. A library card will be created for your student and mailed to your home.

Girls on the Run: 3rd-5th Grade

Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.

Meeting twice a week in small teams, we teach life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games. The curriculum is taught by certified Girls on the Run coaches and includes three parts: understanding ourselves, valuing relationships and teamwork and understanding how we connect with and shape the world at large.

The Girls on the Run coaches will be 2 staff members: Ms. Lessa and Ms. Krass. They are super excited to bring this opportunity to our 3rd-5th grade girls at Glengary.

Please click on the link below for more detailed information including practice dates, times, and how to register.

Update Contact Info

If you are not receiving district emails or phone calls, please make sure your contact information is accurate in Skyward. Typically, parents have (accidentally) blocked us OR their contact information is incorrect. PLEASE make sure your information is accurate in Skyward so you receive communication from us regarding closings and emergencies. Email for help.

District Text Messages

In addition to receiving phone calls and email notifications from the school district in the event of a school closing or emergency, parents can also sign up to receive SMS Text messages. Please find the helpful step-by-step instructions linked below.
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i-Ready Diagnostic 2: Jan 10-Feb 11

It’s hard to believe that we’re already preparing for the second i-Ready® Diagnostic. The second Diagnostic is an important benchmark for understanding your student’s growth, which is why it’s so important they try their best. These results allow us to better support them in achieving their growth goals for the year. Your teacher will communicate with you directly regarding when they plan to administer the 2nd Diagnostic.

The most important thing we can do is prepare students and motivate them to put forth their best effort.

Here are a few things you can do to help support your student:

1. Make sure they get a good night’s rest before taking the Diagnostic!

2. Talk to your student about why the second Diagnostic is important. You can say things like:

-The second Diagnostic helps you find out how much progress you’ve made since the beginning of the year.

-It allows your teacher and I to celebrate your accomplishments!

-Try your best, and do not rush—but don’t spend too much time on a question either.

-Remember, questions on the Diagnostic change based on your answers to earlier questions. You will see some questions you don’t know. That is okay! Just try your best.

3. Let them know you’re excited to celebrate their progress.

Thank you for your continued partnership in your student’s learning!

*IMPORTANT: Please note that while your child takes the diagnostic, they will NOT be able to complete the instructional modules.

January/February i-Ready Challenge Dash

Beginning January 3, 2022, grade levels will have a two-week sprint staying with the theme of Chillin’ with i-Ready. The current fish will be removed and grades will compete the week before and after the Diagnostic 2 window. We want students to be encouraged to engage in lessons as much as possible before administering the diagnostic! A new theme will begin in March.

Competition weeks:

1/3/2022 - 1/9/2022 - completed lessons entered Monday 1/10/2022

2/14/2022 - 2/20/2022 - completed lessons entered Monday 2/21/2022

Volunteers at Glengary

In the fall, WLCSD Parent Update shared that volunteers would be permitted on a limited basis and to look for a communication plan from the building principal. While we are very excited to see volunteers back in our school, we still need to have a thoughtful plan that does not jeopardize our efforts to keep our community healthy and our students in school. Please note the following details regarding volunteering during the school day:
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IMPORTANT: Each teacher utilizes volunteers in a different way. Some teachers do not have frequent volunteers. Other teachers use volunteers on a weekly basis. Please respect each teacher’s approach to volunteering and wait for them to share information with parents about volunteer opportunities. Even if your child’s teacher does not request classroom volunteers, there will be many other opportunities. Note: Volunteering in our school is different from visitors/spectators at events during the school day. Visitors or spectators at events during the school day are not permitted at this time.

Thank you for your partnership and understanding as we work thoughtfully to ensure the safety of all.

*Note: Please look for an upcoming communication regarding how Room Parents will be handled during the 21-22 school year.

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Supply Chain Issues & School Meals - What Parents Need to Know

Food Service Information

For the 2021-22 school year, breakfast and lunch is free for all students. If you would normally fill out a form to receive free or reduced lunch, we ask that you do so for accounting purposes. Forms are available on the district food service web page.

Below you will find the breakfast and lunch menus for October. You will also find the contact information for our Food Service Department.

Walled Lake Community Education is committed to providing quality programs for youth and adults. The link below you will also find our Youth Recreation, Youth Enrichment and Adult Recreation/Enrichment offerings
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Communication is Key at Glengary Elementary!

Communication is important to us at Glengary. Parents will be notified and updated in a variety of ways throughout the school year. The majority of information for parents will be available on our school and District website and through email.


It is critical that parents keep an updated email address and let us know if it changes as soon as possible. Parents may update this information for us on Skyward Family Access. All teachers at Glengary utilize Skyward Family Access to communicate with parents.Report cards, lunch account information, progress reports, attendance, and other important information will always be posted on Skyward Family Access. If you are a new family to Walled Lake Schools or have misplaced or lost your Family Access ID and password, please click HERE to get connected.

Glengary Gazette AND School Web Page

Our Glengary Gazette newsletter will be sent electronically to families. This is typically a bi-weekly communication filled with all important school and PTA updates. As we begin the year, the communication may be sent on a weekly basis if needed. An archive of newsletters will be posted to our school website. Please visit this page often for information about our school. You will find links to important documents, websites and blogs from your child's classroom, PTA forms and information, and important updates and forms that you will need to access.

PTA Website and Updates

Our PTA has an excellent website with upcoming events, fundraiser information, PTA membership links, and other pertinent information and forms. PTA information and updates are also shared with the Tuesday Tidbits.

Social Media

Glengary Elementary also has a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter which are linked below!

Glengary Contact Information

RosaLeigh Johnson


Cheryl Maten

Principal's Secretary:

Melissa Roth

Building Secretary:

Important Phone Numbers:

Main Line: 248-956-3100

Fax Line: 248-956-3105
Attendance: 248-956-3190