The Valley Girl

The Element Californium

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Element Stats

  • Protons, neutrons, electron, and atomic number: 98
  • Atomic Mass: 251
  • Element Symbol: CF
  • Element name: Californium
  • Characteristics: Is radioactive, it's a soft, malleable metal that is easily cut. This element slowly tarnishes at room temperature
  • Important uses of element: It's used in nuclear reactors. Used to treat some types of cancer. It is also used as a neutron emitter.
  • History of element: Californium was man made by Stanley Thompson, Kenneth Street, and Glee Seaburg in 1950. The element was named after the state of California, and the university of California.


A normal California valley girl wandered into a top secret genetics lab, was caught, put into hyper sleep, and forgotten. Years later, the lab was torn down, and she was rediscovered and released. The odd thing was, the hyper sleep had mutated her, giving her radioactive powers. She became a hero, if a slightly annoying one.

Super Hero Abilities/Appearance

  • Costume consists of typical vally girl fashion
  • Wears dark sunglasses instead of a mask
  • Uniform consists of bright colors to distract villains
  • Gets very confused at modern technology.
  • Can perform amazing feats of acrobatics
  • Overwhelms villains with sheer annoying speech
  • Can blow giant bubble from bubble gum and trap villains.
  • Shoots nuclear blasts from hands.