Join the UPE Newsletter Team!

It'll be fun. Fingers crossed.

What are we talking about now?

Ms. Hill and I have been conspiring to make a bi-monthly newsletter happen for next year. Right now our plans involve recruiting two students from third, fourth, and fifth grade each (6 students total) to be our makers.

THIS newsletter was made so you could see what the student-made ones might look like. As you continue reading below, you'll see that there is included video, a picture gallery, and a poll. All this and more can be a part of future newsletters.

With all these ideas bouncing about, we would LOVE more teachers to join us on this venture. Even though we will only be including upper grade students, ALL teachers are welcome as we want this to be a whole-school effort!

ITCS May 2016 Movie
See how we're adding video to this to? Pretty neeeeat. We know you want to take part in this. Of course we won't just add a random TCS video to the newsletter, but just think, this could be a teacher or student interview or a video of a special event at our school that the students are taking ownership of and producing themselves.

Newsletter teach meet

Tuesday, May 31st, 9:30am

UPE Library

We're even adding a calendar event in here. So if you want to become a part of the team, let's talk more about the vision and logistics of this Tuesday. Let me know!